Top 10 Money-Saving Apps for your Smartphone

Asking someone, “Are you spending too much time on your phone?” is not a good idea. Chances are high that you are on your phone right now chatting with friends, checking emails, streaming music, posting pictures in the social media sites or talking to someone. Being able to do so many things on a single device is a boon. But there are plenty of ways in which you spend your hard earned money for your smartphone. The money is torn apart between games and apps, texts and calls and it is easy to shell out thousands of dollars before you realize it. Experts have found new solutions to control the expenditure on smartphones and to improve the bank balance. Apps have been developed to track your phone usage, provide text messages and calls at discounted rates and to find bargain games and apps. Let us take a look at the top 10 money saving apps that hold a bright future ahead.

Must Have Money Saving Apps

Must Have Money Saving Apps

 1. Skype

Skype is a leader in the VoIP technology which allows you to make video and voice calls at no cost to the other Skype users. Skype calls can be made to a PC and mobile phone. Do you make frequent National and International calls? Skype offers great discounts for this. You can speak to your friend overseas and stop worrying about the price pinching your pockets.

2. MySuperMarket Mobile

When you are in the supermarket searching for the best deal, this app comes handy. With this app you can compare the price of products and services with the other supermarkets. It does not stop with that. It also comes up with an alternative which is much cheaper.

3. Onavo

With the intensive use of smartphones and Android phones, saving on the data plan is essential. This app is a perfect partner because it shrinks all the images, apps, email and other data that you download. Onavo provides information on the amount of money you have saved each time you open it. Developers of this app claim that it saves 80% of the customer’s monthly phone bill.

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4. AppShopper

With the huge number of apps available in the market it is a tedious task to pick the one you require. AppShopper helps you to download good apps at cost effective rates. You have the choice to filter the popular apps using the “price drops” option. You can also receive notifications when the price of a particular app drops by activating the “wish list”.

5. BiteSMS

Those of you who are using a jailbroken device, this app deserves a place on your phone. It provides a huge list of advanced features for managing your messages. You can buy SMS credits with BiteSMS for 12 cents each and use that to send messages to any mobile around the world.

6. Fuel School

Saving money on fuel bills can be made possible with this app. Are you surprised? Yes, it monitors your driving pattern using the GPS technology and then provides driving tips. The app provides great ideas to get more miles which in turn has a drastic effect on your fuel bill.

7. CashPointer

When you are stuck up in a new place without cash, this app comes to your rescue. It provides information about the nearest cash point in the area you are in. If you are travelling to a new place, this app will be of a great help.

8. Vouchercloud

This is the most popular money saving app, which has around 1 million customers. This app finds out numerous discount vouchers for various products and services in your area. Are you planning for shopping? Log into Vouchercloud before you make any purchase. Download the voucher to your phone and make instant savings.

9. AA Parking

How many times have you paid the parking fine? This app saves you parking fine by providing details on parking areas. It locates the free and also cheap car park areas around the place you are in. This app is perfect when you are out for shopping and dining.

10. 3G Watchdog Pro

This app keeps a close watch on your data consumption. The notification plug-in keeps updating on the amount of data you have consumed. It provides an alert when you near the monthly allowance. The app goes one step ahead and disconnects the 3G connection when the data limit is exceeded.

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  1. Robert Koenig

    Also, Google voice! Not sure if it is an app yet, but nowadays, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an app for everything. Google voice helps me save money on not having to pay for text messages.