Top 10 Windows Phone 8 Apps

Apps have become part of our Smart Phone devices. From being used just for games they have also become mandatory additions to our daily lives. There are thousands of apps to choose from in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Here are few of the top Windows phone 8 apps that you may consider downloading for your phone.

Must Have Windows Phone 8 Apps

1. Crackle

We can now watch movies and live TV shows on the go. However, the choices are not wide in many apps. The standout feature with Crackle is that it offers content from well-known names like Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Tri-Star and more.

The choices varies with genre, popularity and release date. Every month, twenty TV series and movies are added to its website. Crackle is compatible with your iPhone and iPad as well. The app is absolutely free and you can download it to watch full-length Hollywood series and movies.

Download Crackle for Windows Phone

2. MyFitnessPal

Weight is something most of us are conscious about. When a comfortable jeans get tight or when we start getting an extra flab, many of us tend to hit the gym for more vigorous workouts. Convert your Android devices into a calorie meter using this app. It contains the largest food database and is an excellent app to make exercise entries.

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Download My FitnessPal for Windows Phone

3. Shazam

It is an app with an amazing artificial intelligence. When you don’t know the name of the song, this app will help you identify the name of the song immediately. All you have to do is to play a snippet of the song and the app finds out all the details of the song and also about the album. The app is connected to Zune marketplace which makes it easy for you to purchase a song.

Download Shazam for Windows Phone

4. TuneIn Radio

With this app, you can listen to local or global radio on the go. If you want to listen to your favorite hometown station or listen to a station exclusively for rock music, you may do so with the help of this app. You can play a station in the background while using other apps or add stations to your favorites list and you may pin stations to your home screen.

Download TuneIn Radio for Windows Phone

5. Netflix

It is an app that supports video streaming and manages DVD content. It offers excellent video quality and you can access this app by using a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. You can watch more than thousands of TV shows and movies on your phone. Though this app is freely available, you need a Netflix subscription to use it.

Download Netflix for Windows Phone

6. Sketch Board

It is a beautiful app to have if you are into sketching. You can even have an option to sketch out a photo. You may choose the size of the board that you wish to sketch. This app is linked to SkyDrive which you can use to import or export a photo.

Download Sketch Board for Windows Phone

7. Skype

After Microsoft bought Skype, it is no wonder that you can find the app available for Windows phone. You get free Skype-to-Skype communication as well as paid calls to other mobile phones and landlines. You can also make free video calls, send pictures or videos and send messages from your Windows phone device.

Skype for Windows Phone - must have windows phone 8 apps

Download Skype for Windows Phone

8. Line Runner

The list is just not complete without a good game app. It is an interesting game and all you have to do is to jump over obstacles! Though this may sound simple, the game’s rule is deceptive. You have to overcome obstacles as fast as you can and try to beat the other players with the highest scores. The game has 10 levels and they can get really challenging. The key feature of this game is its fast paced game play.

Download Line Runner for Windows Phone

9. Nextgen Reader

You have to pay to download Nextgen. However, you get a trial version as well. The app is powered by Mango support and is one of the fastest Google reader apps. You have a crisp view of the articles that you read and the app is powered by Instapaper, Google mobilize and Readability.

You can share videos across various social networking websites and save articles which you can read offline.

Download Nextgen Reader for Windows Phone

10. Lexiqo Word puzzle

Lexiqo can get really addictive. Unlike many mindless games available, you have to use your vocabulary to play this game. You have to build words to prevent the game board from being filled. Once it fills, the game is over. Enjoy this game and compare your scores with friends. This is available in languages like English, French, German and Spanish.

Download Lexiqo Word Puzzle for Windows Phone

These are the top 10 Windows Phone 8 apps that can be useful to you on a daily basis. If you think you have other apps in mind that you want to add in the list, please share it with us in the comment section below.

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  • Updated December 26, 2015
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