Working in a Winter Wonderland! Windows 8 Winter Themes

Looking for some fresh Windows 8 wallpapers to decorate your desktop this winter? Here are some cool winter collections from the official Windows personalization gallery. You can download and use the theme packs, or pick your favorite images from different themes and create your custom Windows theme. Enjoy these new and old collection of Windows 8 winter themes that bring the wonders of a winter wonderland right inside your desktop.

Windows 8 Winter Themes


snowmen - Windows 8 Winter Themes

Winter is not complete without snowmen. This Snowmen theme features 8 delightful snowmen posing in their best moves on beautiful snowy backgrounds.

Download Snowmen theme

Wintry Webs

Although a wee bit creepy, this theme features spider webs frozen in diamond crusted frost.

wintry webs - Windows 8 Winter Themes

Download Wintry webs theme

Sugar and Spice

sugar and spice - Windows 8 Winter Themes

Winter isn’t just snow, it’s also time for the festivities. And what a great way to get into the spirit of things with this sugar and spice Windows winter theme that features images of your favorite cookies in all their baked splendor.

Download Sugar and Spice theme

Ice Castles

ice castles - Windows 8 Winter Themes

This Winter theme features crystal tunnels, mini ice castles, frozen chandeliers, and icy walls in a fairy winter wonderland.

Download Ice Castles

Frozen Formations

frozen formation

Icy icicles, frozen glaciers, sculpted ice, frozen waterfalls, and more feature in the Frozen Formations theme.

Download Frozen Formations theme

Snowflakes and Frost

snowflakes and frost

See the intricate design on snowflakes and frost as it decorates your desktop in this wintry Windows theme.

Download Snowflakes and Frost theme

Snow Sports

snow sports

Enjoy some snowy sporting action including mountain skiing and snowboarding in these 8 images of Winter sports.

Download Snow Sports theme



Enjoy scenic winter scenes from Germany, Canada, Finland, Sweden, United States and more in this free Windows theme aptly titled for the season.

Download Winter theme

Snow Angels

snow angels

This arty Windows theme features angels dancing in snowflakes.

Download Snow Angels theme

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