ZDlock Lets you Lock Individual Apps and Safeguard Your Privacy Discreetly

Your smartphone holds all your personal data: photos, videos, contacts, messages and other stuff that you don’t particularly want others to see. However, most often than not, you end up sharing your phone with a friend or family member and end up losing your privacy. You could lock your phone with a pin or password but when someone needs to use your phone for a particular purpose you end up exposing everything contained within. ZDlock, a neat little application from the guys who gave us ZDBox lets us lock only specific apps and protects our privacy a lot more discreetly and efficiently.

ZDlock App Review

ZDlock uses two interesting features for ensuring your privacy. The first one is called the One Tap to lock apps that lets you choose use either a number or pattern to lock individual apps at a tap.

zdlock - one tap lock

Once you choose your password type and enter the details, you will have to answer a security question, which will come in handy in case you forget the password. Once that’s done, you can see a list of all your unlocked apps. Just tap an app to lock it. Locked apps will be displayed in a separate tab and you can navigate to that tab to unlock it again, if you want to.

The next feature is quite unusual and is called Fake Cover. What it does is display a fake crash screen when someone tries to check out the app that you’ve locked. Once you have enabled the feature, head right back to the Locked apps tab screen. Then slide over the lock app icon to the left. A Faked message will appear next to the lock screen indicating that the feature is enabled. If you wish to disable that feature, just slide it to the left again. To remove the fake app screen, you have to long press the OK button. This one’s certainly a clever way to fool people away from apps you don’t want them looking into.

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zdlock fave cover

ZDlock also features a number of cool themes that are free to use. There is also an option to prevent others from uninstalling ZDlock. The Settings section lets you change your security question, make passwords invisible, change the password and encrypt your settings.

If you want to protect the privacy of selected apps on your smartphone, be sure to give ZDlock a try. Its available on the Play Store for the price of free.

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  • Updated December 26, 2015
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