Don’t Leave It! App Helps You Remember to Take Your Stuff

We’ve all become such busy bodies today that we often forget the simplest of things. That’s why we have our handy smartphones to give us a nudge when we’ve forgotten to do something. Dont Leave it is one such app that helps you to remember to take your stuff with you before you leave. Even something as simple as your keys, your ID card, or your purse. Let’s check out what the app does.

Dont Leave It – Remember to Take Your Stuff for iOS

Dont Leave It Home page

Dont Leave It – Remember to Take Your Stuff is a free app on the App Store. It is an app that is helpful for anyone who is simply absent minded but it is also very handy for those struggling from any type of mental illness.

It makes use of geofencing to set up an area around your home, workplace, or other location. When you attempt to leave the area it will send you a reminder to pick something up first.

When you launch the app, you’ll see a Quick Alert tab that lists the most common things you tend to forget. It could be an ATM card, a book, a cable, car keys, or even your baby.

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You also have to set your alarm distance and the app will help you choose the most optimal area by measuring your steps. You could set 30 steps, 60, steps, 120 steps or more. Pacing back and forth also counts so set a number depending on the space in your location and how much walking you do. You can always tweak this later if you find it too few.

Alert Status

Once you set your alert, you can add additional notes and tag the items if needed. There is a huge list of items already preset for you to take your pick from. However, you can still add your own list of items by hitting the + button at the bottom of the screen.

Apart from this, you have options to customize the alert tones and push notifications. The app is ad supported but you can lose the ads by upgrading to the Pro version via IAPs. That’s $0.99.

If you are in the habit of always leaving your things when you are heading out, consider downloading the simple, yet highly useful app Dont Leave It!

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  • Updated January 27, 2017
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