Five Android Games to Chase Away the Monday Blues

Monday mornings are brutal. Especially when you have to wake up early, fight your way through the snarling traffic and get to your office to spend an hour or so in clearing all those unread emails! Wouldn’t you like to wake up and look forward to checking out some cool Android games instead? Here are five Android games to chase away those Monday blues.

Five Android Games to Chase Away the Monday Blues

1. Hambo

Hambo - Android GamesThere’s no better way to be inspired on a Monday than to fight for a friend. That’s what Hambo aims to do… rescue his best friend Bacon from the clutches of the enemy using guns and cannons. There are over 200 levels, 20 cool costumes, good HD graphics and a lot of color. This physics puzzle game is free to download but you can play the game in its entirety only by making an in-app purchase (about a dollar).

If this physics game doesn’t get you started, then why not go for the cheese?

2. CheeseMan

cheesemanThere are great super heroes and then there’s CheeseMan, who has to save the Cheese world from the nasty evil Professor Mousky. There are 42 quick levels of jumping action set in three worlds and dangers in the form of spikes, saws, and cannon balls. Price: Free

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If you don’t enjoy chasing cheese, then how about animals?

3. Deer Hunter Reloaded

deer hunter reloadedIf your game for some game, you may want to give this game a try. Made to play like a first person shooting game, with X ray mode and options to customize player avatar with a variety of jackets, vests, boots, and hunting glasses; this game might help you sharpen your focus before you get started on those office presentations. Price Free but needs in-app purchases to get reloaded.

Another way to conquer the blues is to… well..conquer 3 kingdoms.

4. Conquer 3 Kingdoms

Conquer 3 KingdomsA fantastic action game that has you donning a warrior role to fight one-on-one battles. There’s a lot of role playing, customizing, to be done and the developer tells an interesting tale to lead you along your journey. Price: Free


If that hasn’t lifted your spirits, then consider getting zombified!

5. ZombieSmash

ZombieSmashThere seems to be no end to the zombie madness and in this game from popular game developers Zynga, you can play the lone zombie apocalypse survivor as you battle the dead ones. There are creative zombie fighting devices such as asteroids, wrecking balls, liquid nitrogen among others. There are 4 game modes, a great soundtrack and lots of enjoyment. Price: $0.99


Surely, nothing can case away your Monday blues like a great zombie toss up.

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