Best and Free Banking Finance Apps for Android, iOS

In the finance world, mobility and the ability to make a decision on the fly is critical. Whether or not you are at a business lunch, the gym, or even in the middle of a meeting for something else, you need to have access to your information and files, as well as have the financial tools you need right there at your fingertips. We all know that an application doesn’t have to cost money to be effective anymore; it’s the power behind it that makes it powerful. Therefore, here’s a list of 8 free banking finance apps for managing your financial activities on your smartphone.

Free Banking Finance Apps for Android, iOS

Black Markets by Black Markets Group

black markets - Free Banking Finance Apps

This application will help you identify in real time the market strategies and financial opportunities in real time. It is designed to bring together trending topics, and people into a 256 bit military grade encrypted format.

Bloomberg by Bloomberg AP

Free Banking Finance Apps

This application brings real time tracking, analytics and analysis of the stock market to your fingertips. You can create personalized news by region, industry, or popularity, and track your stock portfolio all in one application. Made by Bloomberg news, it delivers AP news wire top stories as well.

Financial Calculators by Bishnews

free banking apps for android

This application includes a myriad of financial calculators, including TVM, Loan, Compound Interest and 401K Calculator, among others. It will convert currency, calculate your auto loan payments, and help you decide the tip for lunch. A note here – the currency calculator will actually search the internet for current rates so you don’t have to. It’s a handy feature.

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Google Finance by Google

This app will let you customize a portfolio, synchronizes with your other Google apps, allows quick access to charts, and other news. Google recently updated this app, to streamline it, but a note here – it only supports American markets as of the latest update.

Bookkeeper – Finance Accounting by JustApps

What’s in a name? Well this application states exactly what it does, right there in the name. This application is modular, so you only pay for what you want and need. It can track inventory, maintain individual ledgers, and will automatically calculate profit and loss. The modules range in price from $.99 to $5.99, and will allow you to keep a full range of Bookkeeping and Accounting Services in your pocket.

PayPal by

paypal - Free Banking Finance Apps

What else is there to say? This is a tried and true standby – Paypal, which we all know and love, has a wonderful application that has many features – you can manage almost all aspects of your PayPal account on the go, including depositing checks via your smart phone. You can find local merchants who use Paypal services by enabling your location, and even move money right from your application.

Chase Mobile by JPMorgan Chase and Company

chase - Free Banking Finance Apps

This application allows you to check your balance, deposit checks via a picture of the check, pay your bills on the go, send a wire transfer, or use the very ideal Quick Pay from Chase to send money from one Chase customer to another. Also, if you have the Chase Liquid card, you can manage that, too.

Bank of America by Bank of America

mobile banking - Free Banking Finance Apps

With this app, you can perform the entire industry standard banking functions, like checking your balance and depositing checks via picture. You can also manage your BankAmeriDeals on the go, which can be very handy, as they are often for a limited time at certain locations. You can also transfer money between your accounts if necessary.

All in all, these few financial, banking, and accounting applications together make for one powerful individual. You can also log on to for money and finance guides for your personal finance. Given the possibilities of all these applications, one could amass an entire day’s work within a lunch hour right from a smart phone. Make sure you bring your charger.

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  • Updated December 25, 2015
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