Live Loud Magazine: iPad App Review

Live Loud magazine by Paolo Tiberi has been launched recently in the form of a Digital publication and is available currently at iTunes for iPads. The intention of creating this magazine is to form a true men’s magazine which could be a little crude in nature, including a hint of spice of some great sensual content that ensures pure fun for any man to enjoy sitting down and reading it.

The basic idea lies in the way, which could enable the luxury of a guy in going for latest tips that are needed to be known while you go and meet a woman and finally get lucky. This app has not been made for squeamish but requires the person to be at least seventeen years of age to subscribe to it. So you could understand the sensuality in the contents that make up this app. This eliminates the need for a grown up guy to go and purchase a Men’s magazine which mostly lack the kind of adult content which this magazine gives.

Live Loud magazine App Features

There are numerous incredible photos that are featured in the Live Loud magazine app and this factor has played an important role in the motivation of people buying this particular magazine. It uses the advantage that, single men are interested in knowing about new picking up strategies and another set of great ideas about seduction. This has an effect on men in eagerly wanting to place their hands on every new edition. The updates make all the difference. The tips and articles featured in the magazine app helps in getting the manliness of a guy to his best. People do believe that all this would help in grooming the personality of a man to a level where he can perform like some star. Well in reality, it depends upon a lot of things and someone correctly said it that all that glitters is not gold.

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There is also a separate column that has been kept for readers to share their own experience with other subscribers. Every issue consists of around 65 pages of sensual content, all that a man desires for his chocking-full of excitement. Very surprisingly, the app developers have included some humorous stuff in the magazine to keep things a little off the bit, as well as exciting. This definitely cuts out the monotonous feeling that might come after reading a lot of content of the same type. The photos are all of high resolution just like the pictures of Jessica Alba which were indeed so hot to look like steam coming off the pages.

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The magazine has been divided into quite a few numbers of sections like one where a guy could be able to learn about the ways of lasting longer in the sack and has been covered in what they call as the “Sex Corner”. Another portion is called the “Seduction Corner” where many secrets and Pheromones are discussed. Topics such as about Gadgets and Cool Technology have been covered under other sections. The magazine app has another portion that is dedicated to stuffs like Bold Vacation For Real Men, Weird and Wacky News, Super Toys and finally all things Erotic.

live loud magazine app

Since this is essentially a digital magazine, hence there is the facility of adding some great videos to it. This is an additional benefit compared to the normal magazine version. The Live Loud magazine is published in as many as eleven different languages every month that speak of its reader diversity across the world. All this is available at a price of only $0.99 for the first issue and $1.99 for the subsequent ones. Live Loud Magazine has received rave news from industry insiders and is getting quite a popular one.

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