Centrallo : Prioritizing Tasks with This Efficient List Builder

One of the key factors to productivity lies in prioritizing tasks so that you can instantly see which ones need instant attention and which ones can be worked on at leisure. This requires that you collate all your tasks in one central location and highlight the ones that need instant attention. Centrallo is a tool that attempts to do just that, (and bring meaningful organization in your chaotic life) using a simple list building and management system. We take the app for a spin to see how it works and if it can truly deliver what it promises.

Getting Acquainted with Centrallo

Centrallo is a productivity tool that’s a list builder, task manager and notes app all rolled into one. It basically lets you create lists, organize and share them with others. To start using Centrallo, you’ll first need to sign up for an account. Once you log in, you’ll get a quick walkthrough of its features but to better understand Centrallo, you’ll need to spend a little time digging around the interface and understanding the workflow. And that’s not rocket science!

The core features of Centrallo are available on the left pane. You can check your recently viewed items, priority tasks, lists, and Inbox items, as well as update your Settings and view the Help section by clicking the icons on the left pane. A menu at the top left corner lets you view your items in the alphabetical order, by date of creation, priority, or completed status.

centrallo list item

Be sure to head over to the Settings area and configure your personal details – add a photo and connect your social network accounts.  You can also customize your web look with a theme color, configure push notifications, note down the Centrallo email address so you can send yourself important links and tasks and add trusted email addresses so that Centrallo can receive them.

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That’s pretty much it with the Centrallo interface. As I mentioned before…not rocket science!

Now let’s take a look at the core features of the app.

What You Can Do with Centrallo

  • Create stand alone tasks, to-dos or items
  • Drag and drop items to create lists and sub lists
  • Attach links, contact details, dates, and reference links to cloud platforms to items or lists
  • Archive items
  • Email yourself to dos or tasks from other clients
  • Forward items to others
  • Get push notifications when anyone interacts with your items
  • Prioritize tasks by starring them
  • Password protect items and lists
  • Publish items and lists to Twitter and Facebook or share them via email and SMS
  • Search lists using tags automatically created by the app
  • Sync content with iOS and Android apps in real time

centrallo lists

Managing and Prioritizing Tasks with Centrallo

Centrallo stands out in the crowded organizer space on a few counts:

Adds Relevancy to List Items

I believe that notes apps, list builders, and task managers need to be easy enough to use, while at the same time making task flow intuitive. For example, if I created a list of apps I needed to review over the week, I don;t want to  just type out their names. I’d also like to include some voice notes to go with the task, links to the app store and date for completion as well. While the web app doesn’t let me make direct recordings (it should!) the job can easily be accomplished on the mobile app.

The ability to create sub-items also makes Centrallo ideal to use. Now I can create multiple items and drag them under a main task. This way, I simultaneously take care of multiple items on my list while doing the main task. No more scrolling through my long winding list to find related tasks to work on.

Makes Prioritizing Tasks Effortless

If you are using a task management or organizer tool, you’ll definitely want it to sort out your messy list items into some sensible order. Centrallo does this effortlessly by highlighting starred posts as priority. You can filter them (in the order of priority) so that any time you need to see what’s on top of the agenda, you whip up the tool and voila!…you know what you have to get done first. I can imagine how handy this tool will be for any busy parent juggling a number of tasks.

Centralizes Task Management

Centrallo has its own Inbox. That may sound horrifying as most of us still struggle to manage our work and personal Inboxes, but Centrallo can actually work to your advantage. Just forward task related items from your work or personal email account to Centrallo and grab yourself a few benefits.

  • All your tasks are centralized at one place. Now you don’t have to switch between various apps to figure out what needs to be done.
  • Tasks just got easier to access as everything is synced in real time on your mobile.
  • Your personal and work email just auto cleaned itself.

Makes Collaborative Tasks Easier to Manage

Centrallo doesn’t just let you create task items to work on yourself. It also lets you share them with others, securely if you wish to. Your share recipients don’t even need to have Centrallo installed on their devices. A public URL or a password protected link to their Facebook, Twitter or email account is all that is needed to share your lists. Put yourself in any collaborative situation – throwing a surprise party for your visiting grandparents, getting team members to work on small tasks before a project presentation… whatever the situation, you can share your stuff intuitively with anyone.

Centrallo Pricing – Only for the Tireless Worker

Unless, you are a power user, Centrallo’s handy features comes at no cost at all. You get 100 MB of free storage to manage your stuff, and an additional 25 MB bonus for every referral you rope in. The premium package gives you 1 GB storage at $4.99 a month.

Final Thoughts

Task management is no easy feat. If your notes/to-do list/ task manager app isn’t doing enough, or is overwhelming you with its convoluted features, or if you are paying way too much to bring some order to your life…give Centrallo a try. It is feature rich, easy to use, and could easily become your favorite organizer for life!

Visit Centrallo to access it online. Or download the Android or iOS app to get started.

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  • Updated December 26, 2015
Adeline Gear

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