How to Recover Photos Lost Due to Deleted iPhoto Library

iPhoto is a photo management program that comes as a standard software application for every Mac since 2002. This software is basically bundled with iLife suite that lets you organize your photos, tag people, and perform basic image editing including the effects. Moreover, as soon as you upload photos from your camera to iPhoto, it automatically creates the iPhoto Library according to the events or dates on which they are taken. In this post we take a look at how you can recover photos lost when you accidentally delete the iPhoto library.

How to Recover Photos Lost Due to Deleted iPhoto Library

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Apart from storing photos in different albums and managing them through iPhoto Library, you can trash the unwanted ones from the iPhoto as well. Deleting a photo from iPhoto Library removes it from its original location as well. However, at times while trashing some unrequited photos, you may perform accidental deletion of the iPhoto Library and hence lose your precious image files. Mentioned below are some common cases of deletion of iPhoto Library:

· In order to delete multiple photos, you accidentally deleted or trashed the iPhoto Library as well. In this case, you can restore your photos easily from the trash by following the below mentioned steps:

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1. In the Source list, select ‘Trash’. The ‘Trash’ opens.

2. Now search for your iPhoto Library in the Trash and select it when found.

3. Then choose the option to restore the Library to its original location.

· However, if you accidentally have emptied the trash after deleting the iPhoto Library, then this can cause severe loss of your precious photos that were on the Library.

· Moreover, while removing some photos completely from your iPhoto, if you unknowingly selected the iPhoto Library as well, then again you encounter complete deletion of your photos as you have hard deleted them.

First scenario of deletion is the case of simple deletion in which you can easily restore your data from the trash. In last two scenarios, you do not have your image files in trash as they are hard deleted, then you need to try some other means of photo recovery. One of the easiest ways of recovering hard deleted photos is the backup of your iPhoto Library that you have created previously on an external drive.

How to Recover Photos Lost After iPhoto Library Deletion

However, you can also restore photos lost through the ‘Time Machine’ feature, if you have used it for backing up your iPhoto Library. In the unavailability of updated backup created either of these mentioned methods use of an efficient Mac photo recovery tool is recommended.

Professional Mac photo recovery tools can recover photos lost or deleted or photos that are lost due to accidental deletion of iPhoto Library. The simple user interface of an effective tool recovers lost or deleted photos, or the photos which are inaccessible due to corruption of the data storage device. Therefore, with the help of simple user interface of an efficient tool, you can easily restore your iPhoto Library that is trashed. Most of the tools of this category support even the external data storage media like iPod or Mac enabled external hard drive.

Author Bio: Joyce is working as “Data Recovery Specialist” with Stellar phoenix Photo Recovery from last 6 years. In his 6 year of experience he has solved more than 2000 cases related to data recovery, and found around 30 % cases were related to Mac Photo Recovery.

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  • Updated December 26, 2015
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