The Tool That Saved My Precious Photos

We review Remo Recover for Mac – a tool that lets you safely get back photos you lost on your device.

We all love capturing photos. Freezing moments of a baby taking her first step, celebrating birthdays, capturing that beautiful smile of a bride on her wedding day. All these photographs are precious moments that we cherish when we look back on them years later.

As the famous poet, Cesare Pavese, said, “We do not remember days, we remember moments”. Photos can truly make us re-live those moments.

In today’s digital age, computers offer great convenience when it comes to storing & organizing digital images, but it also raises risks. Pictures can be lost. Corruption of your device or one wrong press of a button and boom – your precious photos can be lost forever.

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However, everything is not as doom and gloom as it sounds. Recovering photos or any other files is not impossible, thanks to a ton of Data Recovery Software that is available today. Difficulties arise only in situations where there are physical damages to the storage media.

I happened to find myself in a disastrous situation recently when I lost some of the memorable wedding anniversary photos of my parents I had on my Mac.

After a quick Google search on some Mac forums, I decided to try Remo Recover – photo recovery for Mac. I saw some good reviews of the tool and I liked the fact that this software let me preview the recoverable images before buying it.

The tool’s interface was straightforward and easy to use and after going through the wizard, I was able to get all my precious photos without a hitch. Here’s a little bit more about the tool.

Key Features of Remo Recover

Here’s a quick glimpse of what you can do with Remo Recover:

  • Recover entire lost, deleted media files
  • Retrieve digital photos, videos, songs, & RAW images.
  • Identify and recover up to 50 popular media file types
  • Recover media files from flash memory cards, iPods, camcorders and hard drives
  • Recover photos from iPhoto library that tend to get deleted with the Delete Original option

Remo Recover is quite flexible in that it lets you choose only specific file types you want to recover. It also lets you save your recover session and resume it at a later time, saving you plenty of time you would otherwise waste in re-scanning.

Remo Recover Versions

Remo Recover has a Basic version that is useful to recover deleted and lost files from Mac OS extended partitions/volumes. The Media version does everything that the Basic version can do. It also has added capabilities for recovering RAW images taken from the digital camera. This version is also perfect for recovering photos from SD Card, flash drives or any other USB drives.

Then there is the Pro version, which is an All-in-one data recovery solution. You’ll get all the benefits of the Basic and Media versions as well as advanced features to combat serious data loss disasters. For example, recovering an entire lost volume or reformatted volume.

Remo Recover – photo recovery for Mac

What Sets Remo Recover Apart

Remo Recover (Mac) ensures minimum risk involved while recovering the data. It allows users to create a disk image, so that original data remains intact even if it fails. The scanning times during recovery can be long, but it also guarantees a higher success rate.

Power users can make use of advanced options like defining the scan area with a “start position” and “end position”. This is particularly helpful in reducing the scanning time and bypassing bad sectors.


If you should find yourself in an unfortunate situation where you’ve lost photos you stored on your Mac, consider Remo Recover. It has a ton of good features, lets you create a disk image so you don’t lose your original data and follows a simple process of data recovery that anyone can follow.

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