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Transform Your Selfies into Fun Photos with FaceApp

Let’s face it! Taking selfies is a lot of fun but not every selfie is perfect. There are countless creative apps in the App Stores that now make use of artificial intelligence to help us take better photos. The latest eye catching app that’s hit the market is FaceApp. Its a smart AI that can transform your standard boring selfies into something fun. Here’s a look at some of the cool things you can do with FaceApp.

Microsoft Selfie Out for IOS

Microsoft has launched yet another app on the App Store and this one is sure to delight all selfie takers. The app is aptly called Microsoft Selfie and its main aim is to make your selfies look good. Selfie is a selfie and portrait enhancement application. The app takes age, gender, skin tone, lighting, and many other variables into account, applies different models automatically and finishes enhancement with just a single click. Users can transform average photos into more presentable portraits in seconds. The app is minimalist but has a decent collection of filters. It also reduces noise in low light images quite nicely. Key Features of Microsoft Selfie Noise reduction Intelligent enhancement Automatic exposure Color theme Automatic and manual edits can be done Microsoft Selfie can be downloaded for free on the App Store. It is available for the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod Touch. Download Microsoft Selfie…

Create Selfies with Kombie and Mash with Cool Videos for Sharing

Kombie allows users to lay video and audio tracks over top of each other. I would compare this application to that of Instagram or Vine, but with a much more artistic feel. The application’s home page lets users create their clips. Creating your Kombie account is very easy. You can link it to your Facebook page, or you can sign up using your email. There is no verification process and the sign up is fast and simple. Creating a clip requires users to choose an audio or video clip from one of the many lists: Latest clips, hottest 100, Favorites, Feature Artists, Music, Movies, Sports, Funny, and many others. Kombie App Review While creating a clip, you are given more design tips and shown how to perform certain tasks. You can edit video clips by clicking on the scissor icon. This tab allows you to edit video clips down or…