Top 10 Free Apps for Your Android Tablet

This is a guest post by Kevin Moor. Kevin also writes for speedmycomputer.net, a site emphasizing on how to speed up computer. Android tablets have been increasing in popularity for many reasons, including their flexibility and customization options. People love all of the possibilities that exist with Android, and they adore being able to make their tablet computing experience even better with the wide variety of apps that are available.

There are many apps available from the Android Market, and many of these are free applications. Like with anything, some of these free Android apps are amazing and others aren’t worth the time it takes to click the install button. With so many apps, it can sometimes be tough to tell which apps are awesome and which should be passed on.

Reviews from users are a good way to help choose apps. Lists like this one can also be handy. The following are the top 10 free apps for your Android tablet. This should help you get started selecting the best apps for your amazing new tablet.

1.) Facebook

Top 10 Free Apps for Your Android TabletThis is the top social network in the world, and you probably are a member. This free app is reliable and optimized for your Android. Keep up with your friends, updates statuses on the go, share pictures from your tablet and much more. This easy to use app is free and a must have if you are a member.

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2.) Angry Birds

angry birdsNot so much a game as an app, this is a cultural phenomenon and a lot of fun for free. This top game is addictive and easy to play, but it is still challenging, especially as you progress further through the game. If you are an Angry Birds addict and run out of levels, don’t worry. The developers occasionally add new levels and special editions of the game are released somewhat often.

3.) Kindle

kindleAmazon has a great free Kindle app for your Android tablet. Using this app you can buy and read top titles from Amazon on your tablet. You can also now borrow Kindle titles from many libraries and share books with friends. If you like to read, this is must.


4.) Skype

skypeThis popular VoIP service has come to your Android tablet. The app is free, but to make calls to non-toll free numbers, you will need to purchase Skype credits. Otherwise you can talk to anyone in the world for free with this app via the Skype service.


5.) StumbleUpon

StumbleUponYou can access this great social bookmarking service for free with your Android powered tablet. As you find interesting stuff while surfing the web, you can use this app to quickly and easily share it with your friends and the world. If you are in the mood to discover the new and interesting, you can tap the “Stumble!” button and discover webpages, photos and videos that your friends and others with similar interests have liked. This is a great discovery tool, addictive and a lot of fun.

6.) Pulse News

pulseThis is a beautiful, free app that can aggregate the web right to your Android tablet’s home screen. If you want to keep current with what is important to you, this is the free app that you need to have.



7.) Evernote

EvernoteIt doesn’t matter what device you are using, you need Evernote on it. Available for Androids, iPhones, PCs and more, this app lets you take notes, photos, links and more. These are saved to their site where you can later access them whenever, wherever, via any platform you’d like.


8.) Opera

OperaThis is just one of many web browsers available for your Android tablet. Not the only good browser around, this free app will give you a bit more speed when loading many content-rich websites.



9.) Lightbox

LightboxThis free app is an amazing photo editor, a necessity if your Android powered tablet has a camera. A powerful photo editor, you can enhance your images and then share them via social sites.



10.) Google Sky Map

Google Sky MapThis free Android app is stunning and absolutely amazing. Use it to search the sky using your Android tablet’s camera, and let this app help you to identify planets, starts, constellations and more. A very cool tool; it may not be the most useful to everyone, but it probably is the most interesting and breathtaking.




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  • Updated December 26, 2015
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