List of Useful Free Windows Phone 8 Apps

Microsoft has announced their new Nokia Drive + which will be offered free to all Windows Phone 8 customers in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. The offering of this sort is making good the promise Microsoft made way back in June 2012 when Windows Phone 8 was launched. This of course offers users a good chance to stock up on some cool free Windows phone 8 apps. These apps allow access to full turn by turn voice guided navigation, off line maps and limit warnings besides a host of others. The functioning and access to these apps are also not as complicated as they were expected at the outset.

List of Useful Free Windows Phone 8 Apps

Useful Free Windows Phone 8 Apps

Owners of Nokia Lumia 920, HTC Windows Phone 8X and Lumia 822 will receive a list of apps free of cost from Microsoft. These will include the following:

ROWI – ROWI, a free download, can be compared to TweetDeck which permits creation of columns for search and lists. It also includes Twitter official app and was recently restructured for Windows Phone 8. It features fast resume and is compatible with all new 720p devices.

NextGen Reader: This is a model Google Reader and compatible with Windows Phone. It not only matches Microsoft design but also offers back up for Live Tiles. Through the use of this app, articles can be tagged, mutually shared and read using Instapaper, Google and Readability mobilize views.

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Network Dashboard: Network Dashboard takes the place of quick toggle settings such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Through this system, users can tag Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Airplane Modes besides Mobile Network location directly to the Start Screen. It also enables turn off, so as to save on battery power, thus eliminating the need for continuously turning off Wi-Fi or disconnecting of Bluetooth headphones.

SmartGlass: This Windows Phone 8 is a faultless ally to Xbox due to availability of SmartGlass. This app enables ideal control over console while acting as a resultant exhibit for easier interaction and information. Control and navigation around Xbox is possible using the phone in the place of a keyboard to log in for Xbox Live or for putting in of Wi-Fi secret code.

4TH and Mayor: The Foursquare app available on Windows Phone is offered along with 4TH & Mayor as a free app. All features you look forward to in Foursquare such as notifications along with Live Tiles are easier and more effective with this addition.

Wordament: Is a word game available in the form of a free app on Windows Phone. This word game can be played in a similar way as Boggle in a 120 seconds war of wits.

Gmaps Pro: Is all and more of what one would look forward to from Google Maps available on Windows Phone. It comes with its own set of instructions, navigational support and Street View.

Boxfiles for Dropbox: This app gives direct access to all documents, videos, photos and music where in users can view, edit and delete or shift storage devices from SkyDrive to Dropbox in the most efficient and timely way possible. There are also a host of upload options for photos which are also offered with this app which is totally complementary.

Metrogram: Provides access photos from Instagram contacts also permitting you to like, share, comment and download these photographs. One facility which is not yet available though, is the ability to capture photos with the facility to publish them directly to Instagram.

Battery level for WP8: This Live Tile can be added to the Start screen and/or Lock the same, which displays the amount of battery power available on the phone. Just by opening this app, one is instantly updated on amount of battery left in the phone before it grinds down to a standstill. At the same time it displays a history chart showing dropping rate or charging rate of battery. This app is of prime advantage to ensure that the phone does not die down just when you need it most.

Baconit : This app brings with it Windows 8 approach to Reddit. It offers speedy, free and an easy way to surf through news, cat GIFs and AMAs. It also permits comments and shares.

What are your favorite free Windows Phone 8 apps? Share them with us in the comments section.

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  • Updated December 26, 2015
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