Voice Dream Reader-Text To Speech App for iPad: Review

iPad applications are primarily meant to make the use of the device simpler and more enjoyable. Voice Dream Reader-Text to speech is one such iPad app. This is a convenient iOS application meant to convert text into audible speech that is primarily developed to help users to be able to access text in a simpler manner. The main beneficiaries of this application are the people who have to go through large volumes of text such as students. The application converts the text into speech and hence the user does not have to read through the bulky text; instead they just install the application to listen as the text is read out loud.

Features of Voice Dream Reader-Text to Speech

voice dream reader

Some of the unique features of Voice Dream Reader includes the ability to read bulky text as long as there is enough space in the iPad to accommodate all the text. This is unlike the previous versions that had limits on the volume of the text that can be converted into speech. The application is also endowed with the ability to pause, fast forward, rewind and readily move to diverse parts of the text just by a tap of a finger.

This is very convenient since the user does not have to listen to text that is not relevant at that moment. Instead the user gets to choose the specific text they wish to listen to or rewind to listen to a section they do not get clearly.

voice dream reader text to speech app

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The new application has sixty voices in twenty languages which are readily available through the in-app purchase hence making it usable even for people who speak different languages. The application can extract text from various formats including; PDF, Ms Word, HTML, Apple pages, Drop box integration, plain text and MS Power point amongst others. It also has an inbuilt web browser that can extract text from web pages and convert it into speech. Further more, it remembers where one had stopped before shutting it down giving users the benefit of continuously and convenient reading.

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Voice Dream Reader for iPad, with its engaging features is particularly useful for users with learning difficulties. The app can be downloaded from the iTunes Store for $9.99.

Download Voice Dream Reader for iPad

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