Grab an iPhone 5S at $79 and iPhone 5C at $0.97 on Walmart

iphone 5s

There has been plenty of talk on the internet that Apple will be announcing the iPhone 6 at a media event scheduled for September 9th. While that information is not written in black and white, Walmart’s latest promotion of the iPhone 5S and 5C indicates that it may indeed be the case. The retail … [Read more...]

Pebble vs. Android Wear A Comparative Look

pebble vs android wear

Tech wearables are the next big thing for tech enthusiasts as we see more and more wearable devices being launched in recent times. Android Wear grabbed a lot of attention when it was launched at Google I/O earlier this year, but there have also been other smartwatches around including the highly … [Read more...]

The Top 5 Reasons Your Apps Are Crashing

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It’s official – more people are using the internet on mobile devices than computers. Mobile web traffic now makes up 55% of total internet usage. And almost all of that traffic originated from apps, not web browsers. Because we’re all app-addicted, it’s insanely frustrating when your app crashes … [Read more...]

Create Press Releases Effortlessly on the Fly with Tiny Pitch

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Press releases contain plenty of useful information, but most times, they are put together in a rather shoddy way. If you’ve been creating press releases and feel that you just haven’t maximized its potential, its time to take a look at this handy service from Pitch Engine. Its called Tiny Pitch and … [Read more...]

HTC One M8 Windows Phone Arrives Exclusively on Verizon

HTC One M8 windows fi

HTC may not be having the hold that Samsung and Apple have over the world, but their Android smartphones are simply one of the best devices you can own today. Especially, the HTC One M8, which is easily considered one of the best flagship handsets on Android with its high end specs and good build … [Read more...]

ReddX App Brings the Popular Social Network Reddit to Xbox One

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Xbox One users who spend a lot of time on the super popular social network Reddit now have something good to cheer about. Microsoft is launching ReddX, a dedicated Reddit app built exclusively for the Xbox One today in U.S and Canada. With ReddX for Xbox One, Microsoft is promising users a similar … [Read more...]