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Send Conversations in a Flash with Quickie Android App

What more can a messaging app do that hasn’t been done before? Not much you’d think until you met Quickie. This new app from Hop has you connecting with your near and dear ones with the minimum of fuss. Whether you’re making text conversations, or sending audio messages, GIFs, and animated selfies… Quickie lets you do it in a flash..without you even having to hit the Send button. Read on to learn more about this

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How to Create Excel Macros Using Macro Recorder

Excel users often find themselves performing certain tasks on a repetitive basis, such as preparing reports on a weekly or monthly basis. Such tasks can involve repeated actions such as copying data from one particular source, or formatting them in a particular style, or applying conditional formatting for certain numbers and so on. Instead of performing these mundane tasks repeatedly, you can get Excel to do it for you – using macros. What are Excel

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How To Block Sites on Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is great, but not perfect. Despite the efforts of the Internet giant, spammy websites and content farms sneak into search results. That is not just distracting, but could be potentially harmful as well. If you want to have a better browsing experience on Chrome, and stay productive while you’re at it, you can block sites from showing up in your search results or set the time limits for how long you can browse

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Centrallo : Prioritizing Tasks with This Efficient List Builder

One of the key factors to productivity lies in prioritizing tasks so that you can instantly see which ones need instant attention and which ones can be worked on at leisure. This requires that you collate all your tasks in one central location and highlight the ones that need instant attention. Centrallo is a tool that attempts to do just that, (and bring meaningful organization in your chaotic life) using a simple list building and

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Stayfocused : A Pomodoro Timer to Schedule & Complete Tasks on Time

A successful person is often one who manages his time effectively. However, in today’s multitasking world, completing tasks in a time bound manner can be overwhelming. Thankfully there are tools that can help you set yourself a steady, time bound, working pattern. In today’s app review, we take a look at one such app called Stayfocused. Stayfocused is based on the Pomodoro technique, which is a time management technique developed in the late 1980’s by