BrightExplorer Brings Tabbed Browsing to Windows File Explorer

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Windows File Explorer has come a long way since the days of XP, but even with the Ribbon interface, there’s one significant feature that's truly lacking: a tabbed interface to access multiple directories from a single window. If you’ve been using Chrome, IE or other modern browsers, you know the … [Read more...]

10 Awesome Android Wear Apps for your Smartwatches

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Its only been a month since Google launched Android Wear at its Developer Conference and there have already been a bunch of great apps that have been launched for the wearable devices. Whether you want to know when you have your next appointment or keep track of your fitness goals Android Wear apps … [Read more...]

Create a Google Calendar Event from Google Home Page

google calendar event

If you use Google Calendar to mark and track all your events and happenings, and you happen to use the Google homepage for your various browsing needs, Google has just made it easier for you to create Google Calendar events. Now you don’t even have to navigate away from your home page. Just type out … [Read more...]

I WANT SXX: A Social App to Find Friends Near You


One of the most essential things in our lives is communication. I WANT SXX is a social app that makes life really easy and enjoyable. This mobile application is able to do so by connecting us with friends who are within reach. This means that the app is able to connect you with anyone who is in the … [Read more...]

6 iOS Apps You Can Pick Up for Less

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The App Store has a wide collection of useful apps but not everything is available at a price you can afford. We’ve picked out some of the apps that you might want to buy now, thanks to some big price drops on them. Handy iOS Apps That Are Carrying Price Drops Retromatic HD 2.0 Just for today, this … [Read more...]