Find YouTube Songs, Keep Them, Then Share Them with Music Messenger

YouTube has everything. Sometimes, it’s too much. You get in there and you start looking for videos and songs that you know you like, and then start venturing off in all sorts of directions, until you lose sight of what you originally went in there for.

You need a YouTube manager of sorts. Music Messenger is precisely the app you need to dig into YouTube, pull out what you want and organize it in a way that works for you.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 11.6 Review

We take a look at the highly popular EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 11.6 version and how it makes data recovery a  breeze.

For all intents and purposes, our computer or laptop has become our nerve center, holding all our important work files and personal data. We always tend to take these electronic devices for granted, assuming they are going to work forever without ever breaking down.

Protect Your Phone with AVG AntiVirus

This new app is breaking barriers. Now, you can protect your phone from malicious viruses, just like you protect your personal computer at home. Your phone will run better with the virus detector and cleaner, and last longer. The AVG AntiVirus app will shield your phone and tablet from harmful malware, scam ware, text messages, and malware.

Your personal data will also be kept safe, which is especially handy if you are using a business phone. If your phone is more personal, and has more personal things, then they will be safe with the app lock and picture vault.

FileCalendar is a File Manager and Calendar for Event Creation

There’s nothing worse than trying to find the invite that goes with the party you’ve got on your calendar Saturday night, or losing the agenda to a meeting you are calling in to while working from home. Information that goes with events sometimes can’t fit into the actual event record, and ends up stuck in email or some file repository.

And who has time to go fishing for them when you’ve got some place to be? Now, with FileCalendar, you don’t have to go into search mode to find what you need. You can easily attach information to each event you create so there is instant access, and no mystery.

Merge Tiles and Manage Numbers to Get the Highest Score in Two Numbers [iOS Game]

Simple to play but not easy to master, Two Numbers will have you scratching your head and going back for more, because you know you can do better. In a nutshell, Two Numbers is similar to those tile games where there’s a board of tiles, all with numbers that are a power of 2: 2, 4, 8, 16, 64, and so on. Your mission is to merge like valued tiles so that they turn into one tile with the value of the next power of 2.

The Tool That Saved My Precious Photos

We review Remo Recover for Mac – a tool that lets you safely get back photos you lost on your device.

We all love capturing photos. Freezing moments of a baby taking her first step, celebrating birthdays, capturing that beautiful smile of a bride on her wedding day. All these photographs are precious moments that we cherish when we look back on them years later.

As the famous poet, Cesare Pavese, said, “We do not remember days, we remember moments”. Photos can truly make us re-live those moments.

TooFar Media Offers a Story Experience Like No Other [App Review]

Reading a book is an experience that has evolved with the changing world of technology and graphics. What was once an interlude between the eyes, paper and one’s imagination has now transcended paper pages. Rich Shapero’s TooFar Media Immersive Story Experiences is one such example of how technology has expanded on storytelling. TooFar Media delivers this in a way that captures the imagination through experiential immersion. Here’s a little more about the app.