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How to Add the iPhone Home Button to the Screen

The Home button on the iPhone and iPad is a physical button that takes you into the heart of your mobile device. Its that single button that takes you quickly back to the Home screen no matter how deep inside an app you are in. And its also that single button that will bail you out of any place you find yourself stuck in while navigating your phone. The Home button also gives access to


HTC Announces Fitness Tracker HTC Grip at MWC

HTC has been hinting for some days now that it had a surprise announcement to make at its March 1 event. True to its word, it has managed to surprise pundits by announcing the launch of a fitness tracker called HTC Grip. The HTC Grip is a sleek device with a monochrome curved LED touchscreen that aims to be the go all when it comes to tracking your fitness activities. We take a look at


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Capture Outrageously Fun Pictures of Your Pals with WePose

If you are a photo junkie and spend a lot of time taking really cool, and sometimes outrageous pictures of yourself and your pals, we want you to check out WePose app for iOS devices. The app’s aim is to make sure that you don’t just shoot photos for your albums, but also to have a lot of fun with it. WePose wants to turn your photo taking experience into a fun game that you

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Drug Addiction Information App Review

Do you know someone who has a problem with alcohol or drugs? Perhaps you've finally admitted to yourself that you need help with a potential addiction. No matter who you are trying to help, yourself or a family member or friend, it can be difficult to understand what someone is going through. Recovering from drug addiction is difficult enough in itself, but in all honesty most people aren’t equipped with the right information to make


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Tech Tips We Shared with You This February 2015

Starting February, we've been sharing quick tech tips in our Tip of the day section. If you missed out on some of our daily tips, here is a summarized version of all that we shared during the month. If you have a useful tip to share with our readers, perhaps an app that you used that you found to be highly useful in your work, do drop us a line at so we can