How to Convert an MP4 File to MP3 Format

Many times we find ourselves in need of a software or a program that can convert an MP4 file to MP3 format. Most often, we download some great video files but wish to also have an MP3 version of the song to add to our mobile playlists. While there are plenty of online tools that will do the conversion, this requires you to both upload and download … [Read more...]

How to Print from iPhone 6 Even Without AirPrint

iPhone and iPads are increasingly being used for work purposes and one of the most common tasks we look to do is print from iPhone wirelessly. While we are still a long way off from a more intuitive printing solution, its actually quite an easy thing to do if you have an iOS 8 device on you. In this article, we show you how you can print from … [Read more...]

How to Compress a PDF File and Reduce its Size

There may be times when you need to compress a PDF file in order to be able to email it to one or more people or if you intend to  upload it to a website. Although PDFs are the most popular supported standards to deliver documents online, they tend to be heavy when they are loaded with tons of great looking pictures and graphics, making it … [Read more...]

How to Whitelist Email Using Safe Senders List in Outlook 2013

If you have an email account, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be receiving countless email messages from junkies whose job is to mass spam people. On the other hand, your tactics to successfully block them will result in many genuine email messages ending up in the Spam folder. In today’s tutorial, we’ll tackle the latter scenario; how … [Read more...]

Get Extra Storage for your iPhone with iOGear’s MediaShair Hub

If the meager 16GB storage is getting quickly used up and you’re desperately in need of extra storage for your iPhone, consider getting iOGear’s MediaShair Wireless Media Hub. It is not too expensive, (considering other options) and offers a plethora of features that should wipe your storage blues away and even bring a smile to your face. … [Read more...]

How to Deregister iMessage Service When You Quit Your iPhone

iPhone users have long had the problem of not receiving messages from other iPhone users after having switched their iPhone in favor of an Android or other mobile device. This was because iOS users are required to deregister from Apple’s iMessage service once they move on to other devices. Failure to do so will result in the phone number being … [Read more...]

Baseball Kings iOS App Review – Pitch and Play Like a Professional

Take your game with you with Appnori’s Baseball Kings. You are on the virtual team called the Kings and you get to pick who you want to play against. Baseball Kings is an app that runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, so you can play it anywhere you take your device. It brings the fun of baseball, both pitching and hitting, to a screen where you can … [Read more...]

Get a Snowy Christmas Countdown with the SNOWidget App for iOS

Winter would be cold and forlorn if it wasn't for the excitement and magic that Christmas brings... for most of us anyway. If you love Christmas and can’t wait to get into the spirit of things, here’s an iOS app that should set the mood for the days ahead. Its called SNOWidget and is brought to you by Johnny Ixe, developer of the handy DataMan app … [Read more...]