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Alternative PowerPoint Tools for Snazzy Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint is a fantastic tool for delivering powerful ideas on slides. However, PowerPoint isn’t a free tool that everyone can get their hands on. Furthermore, its utility has somewhat declined today as the interactivity and creativity needed to incorporate viral elements into it such as live tweets is missing. If you want to add more buzz to your presentations, here are some alternative PowerPoint tools you can consider trying. RELATED READING: Turn Your PowerPoint


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Manage To Dos, Email and Calendars with Handle Chrome Extension

Multitasking is a way of life today. However, its not a skill that comes easily to anyone. Red flags, reminders and alerts, sticky notes and such only add more noise to your workflow and bring about systematic chaos. If you use Gmail for work, Handle is a Chrome Extension that could bring more organization to your day. This Chrome extension gets your to-dos, email messages and calendar events at one location and helps you stay


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How to Listen to YouTube in the Background on iOS 8 Devices

The official YouTube app on your iOS 8 device is great to have around when you want to watch videos. But there may be times when you want to keep listening to the songs playing from a playlist, while still checking out your Whatsapp messages or viewing the latest stories on Flipboard. When iOS 8  initially landed on iOS devices it offered the ability to listen to YouTube audio even when the app screen was


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How to Change Fonts on Firefox, Chrome and IE

Tired of looking at the same default fonts on your web browser? The good news is that it isn’t too hard to change fonts on Firefox, Chrome, IE or any other browser; a few tweaks to the settings page of your respective web browsers is all you need to do to start reading stuff in a far more interesting and enjoyable format than before. If you feel like experimenting with your browser’s font looks, here’s


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Sunrise Calendar App for Android Review

If you’ve tried looking for third party calendar apps on the Play Store, you may have realized that practically all of them fall short of what you would call a fully functional, feature-rich app. In fact, using the stock calendar app that comes with your phone would be a better choice. However, thanks to Sunrise Atelier’s impressive app Sunrise, you now have a calendar app that’s worthy of a download. The app first launched on