10 Retro Video Games for iPhone For Your Playing Pleasure

Video games seem to get more and more impressive with each passing year. The graphics get more realistic, the game play is more sensitive, and the storylines are quite entertaining. You no longer simply shoot a bear and it falls down. You select the precise gun that you want to use; take aim, shoot, and watch the gore ensue. While many gamers are always running out to get the latest and greatest games that have been released it does not mean that every now and then they do not like to take a trip down memory lane. Here is a list of the top 10 retro video games for iPhone.

Popular Retro Video Games for iPhone

1. Tetris

Tetris - Retro Video Games for iPhone

No matter how old you get this game always remains a fan favorite. It is a puzzle style game where you just have to simply line up the pieces in order to make a complete line across the board. The higher the level the faster the pieces come.

2. Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 2

I am sure you remember this fighting classic from the early 90’s. The iPhone replicates the controller on the phone touch screen in order to allow for the ultimate retro gaming experience.

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3. Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy - Retro Video Games for iPhone

There is the original Final Fantasy from the 90’s that will be coming available on the iPhone in 2013, but until then you can purchase an updated version that is already available for the iPhone. Keep your eyes peeled for an updated iPhone version of FF2 in the near future.

4. Double Dragon

Double Dragon - Retro Video Games for iPhone

Help these two brothers defeat the entire crazy street thugs that they come across while venturing through the city, jungle, and wherever else their adventure takes them. It is the classic game that we all grew up playing, and now we can enjoy it once again on the iPhone.

5. Sonic

Sonic - Retro Video Games for iPhone

It used to be that you could not turn your head in the 90’s without seeing something Sonic. There were games, cartoons, clothing, and even cereal just to name a few. Now you can enjoy playing this blast from the past on your iPhone.

6. Pac-Man

pac man

New games come and go, but Pac-Man is forever. This is just one classic game that everyone truly enjoys. Not only do the Pac-Man gaming cabinets still exist today, but they also are extremely sought after. You can catch a pretty penny for a nice working arcade cabinet of Pac-Man. Fortunately for everyone you can now just download it to your iPhone to enjoy.

7. Frogger

frogger - Retro Video Games for iPhone

This was such an awesome game that there is even an entire Seinfeld episode about it. Help your favorite frog avoid obstacles and get across the road, pond, or wherever else he might find himself.

8. Snake

snake - Retro Video Games for iPhone

This was the most basic concept ever, but it was incredibly fun and entertaining. Feed your snake and avoid obstacles as he grows and gets faster. The game is actually downloaded and shows the old school cell phone so you know exactly what buttons to push.

9. Mortal Kombat

mortal kombat

Enjoy battling with your favorite group of characters and their crazy list of special talents. All 23 of your favorite characters are available to play, and the original 16 arenas are available to battle.

10. Doom


This cult classic will most likely be around forever. A movie starring the Rock was even created along with the launch of the BFG installment. It is a great FPS game, and although the graphics have improved and the storyline continued nothing compares to the original that everyone fell in love with and has yet to forget.

Author Bio: Jason Phillips has contributed this article. He is a regular guest blogger and has written various posts for the site www.tomandjerrygames.co. At his free time he love to cook for his wife.

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