How to Move Content from Android to iPhone

Apple is not just busy taking preorders for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, they are also preparing Android users to make the switch to the iPhone by opening up a support page that lists tips on how to move content from an Android to the iPhone. If you are a newbie, transitioning to a completely new OS it can be intimidating. Apple is hoping that its support page will help make that transition easy. To quickly recap, here’s what you need to do when you are making that switch from Android to iPhone.

Move Content from Android to iPhone

Moving Mail, Contacts, and Calendars to iPhone

Moving content from Android to iPhone

The iOS platform supports several email providers, including Google, Exchange, and Yahoo. You can simply add the relevant account and include the contacts and calendars when you do so. You can also use an existing email account for your Apple ID. You can also move your mail, contacts, and calendars using a data transferring app such as Copy my Data. You have to download and install the app on both devices and then follow the steps in the wizard to complete the process. If you store your contacts in a social media account, you can install those social media apps on your iPhone, sign into those accounts and then turn on the calendars and contacts.

Moving Photos and Videos to iPhone

Moving Photos and Videos to iPhone

Again, when moving photos and videos to iPhone, a data transferring app like Copy my Data and PhotoSync should do the trick. If you prefer to do it via the computer, make sure you install iTunes on it. Now connect your Android to your PC and move your photos to it. Usually easily accomplished if you have synced your account to the cloud such as Dropbox. Now connect your iPhone to the PC. Open iTunes and select your iPhone on it. Click Photos, select Sync Photos from and then navigate to the folder where your photos and videos are saved. Click Apply to complete the transfer.

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Moving Music to iPhone

Moving Music from Android to iPhone

If you listen to music on a music streaming service such as Pandora, you don’t need to move anything. Just install the necessary app, sign in and start listening. If you have songs saved on your Android phone, you can make that transfer via iTunes. First, move your music files from your Android to your PC. Open up iTunes on your PC and go to your Library, click Music. Open the folder where your music files are saved and drag them to the library. Now connect your iPhone to the PC, click iPhone and click Music. You can now sync the library by clicking Sync.

Moving Books and PDFs to iPhone

Move Content from Android to iPhone - Books and PDFs

If you purchased ebooks and PDFs from apps such as the Kindle, just install those apps, sign in and you can start reading. For moving books and PDFs from your Android, you’ll need to transfer them to a folder on your PC, then drag the files from that folder to the iTunes Books library. Then connect your iPhone to the PC, and on iTunes, click iPhone->Books and then sync them to your iPhone.

Moving Documents to iPhone

Move Content from Android to iPhone - Documents

via Apple

To move Documents to your iPhone you need to install the equivalent apps such as Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. Next, you need to set up an iCloud account. You may have done this when setting up your phone for the first time. If you haven’t just head over to Settings-> iCloud and complete the process. Next you need to set up iCloud on your PC.

Now move your documents from your Android phone to the computer. Next open up iCloud on your PC, tap on a Pages app, and then drag the appropriate files from the folder on your PC to the app. Do this for the other apps as well. Now you can edit and view the files on your PC as well as on the iPhone.

What do you think of Apple’s new support page? Will you take its help when you are moving content from an Android to iPhone?

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  • Updated December 26, 2015
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