Protect Your Phone with AVG AntiVirus

This new app is breaking barriers. Now, you can protect your phone from malicious viruses, just like you protect your personal computer at home. Your phone will run better with the virus detector and cleaner, and last longer. The AVG AntiVirus app will shield your phone and tablet from harmful malware, scam ware, text messages, and malware.

Your personal data will also be kept safe, which is especially handy if you are using a business phone. If your phone is more personal, and has more personal things, then they will be safe with the app lock and picture vault.

AVG AntiVirus App Review

AVG anti theft

The beauty of this app lies behind the performance. It has a feature that can monitor your battery usage so that your battery does not suddenly die out. It also enables power saving so that when your battery is running low, and you are nowhere near a charger, you can turn on the power saving feature.

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For things you don’t know, like over-running apps, this app will find them. The app can kill the tasks and processes that slow down your phone, and ultimately make it last for a shorter amount of time than you intended. If you are one to go over your data limit often, the app will monitor it behind the scenes. by keeping track of your data, your phone bill will be that much less. How many free apps do that?

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Our phones may seem to have an abundance of storage, but they really do not. We have many apps on our phone that take up a lot of space. The app will optimize your storage space and save you some headache. It monitors both the internal and SD card.

If you are a forgetful person or just more prone to losing things, or leave your phone somewhere when you were out, this app has remote management consoles and monitors texts so that it can locate a lost or stolen phone through Google Maps. Plan ahead, and you can lock your phone and set a lock screen message so that the locator can find you. This will come in handy especially on trips and vacations. You will not have to call the provider and shut your phone off and all those cahoots, just use this app to its full ability.

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Say your phone is on silent, and you lose your phone in the house. You automatically go to call it but it is on silent—well, this app can make your phone ring even if it is on silent mode. If you plan to clear out you phone, or are giving it away, the app can clear the phone and SD card content entirely.

This app also has a 30-day free trial to Camera Trap. If someone enters the wrong password three times when trying to enter your phone, it will snap a picture of them and email it to you. It also has a 30-day free trial to Device Lock. This will automatically lock your phone if the SIM card is replaced. So, if your phone is stolen and you cannot find it, the perp will not be able to use it. Good riddance.

This phone has awesome privacy settings for those who need it. Some have business phones for work things that are meant to be kept secret. Others just have their personal phone that they use very personally. This app will hide private photos in a password-protected vault so that others cannot snoop in those pictures. It features a 30-day trial to App Lock that locks sensitive apps and protects your privacy and safety. It will also lock your phone settings to secure this configuration.

I like this app for its ease of use and, it’s free!

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