Forget WhatsApp! These Facebook Messenger Apps Will Spice Up Chats

Millions of people around the world spend a lot of time chatting with friends on their mobile device. Companies like WhatsApp and SnapChat have certainly taken advantage of this and come out with features that turn the rather humble text messenger into a SuperTool that allow photos, videos, and voice messages to be shared.

Facebook with its huge user base has also churned out a standalone messaging app Facebook Messenger, which has not received a great response. However, that's about to change with the announcement of third party app integration.

Third Party Facebook Messenger apps now let you do super fun stuff such as adding your own personal emoji’s, creating awesome GIFs and musical messages and so on. If you have given up on Facebook messenger, its time to integrate these apps and give it another go.

All the apps are readily available on the app in the conversation view (tap the three-dotted menu in the conversation thread to access them) or you can download them via the links in this article.

Best Third Party Facebook Messenger Apps


giphy - Best Third Party Facebook Messenger Apps

Sometimes the best expressions in a conversation are depicted by animations. Download the GIPHY app, search through some of the popular GIFS, tap the one that best expresses how you feel, and hit Send. Recipients don’t need to have the app installed on their device to view your crazy/hilarious reactions.

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FlipLip Voice Changer

If you are sending a voice message to your friends why not do it as a pirate or a macho mermaid? With FlipLip, you can try one of the many voice filters available on the app to convey your messages in totally fun ways. Plus add a mask to your face to make your chats more lively!


pyro - Best Third Party Facebook Messenger Apps

Pyro! is an innovative augmented reality app that adds free real time pyro effects to your camera shots. If you want to express your anger or just show something on fire, point, click and voila! you have the perfect flaming picture to share with your friends.


This creative app lets you add both time lapse and slo-mo effects to your videos by adjusting between 4 different speeds Fastest (x8), Fast (x4), Slow (1/4x) and Slowest (1/8x). Top up your insane videos with some smashing music from your library and you’ve got yourself a great conversation to share with your friends.


ditty - pyro - Best Third Party Facebook Messenger Apps

Texting is so lame. Why not sing out your message to your friends. Ditty lets you do just that. Type in your text, select a tune and go Ditty! This is a totally cool app that you simply HAVE to try IAPs or no IAPs.

Action Movie FX

Make your point loud and clear by adding movie special effects to video messages using this fantastic app. You could survive a car pile up, bring about an avalanche, or save the world in a missile attack. The options are aplenty and they are great fun too!



Another interesting way to deliver text messages is via video. ClipDis turns every word in your conversation to a video sequence so you can imagine the fun your friends will have trying to decipher it all.


Just as you turn text to videos, you can use Wordeo to convert your text into pictures. Just write down your message and the app will find the appropriate images in the sentences. Once the image sequence is complete, it is converted to a short video to share with your friends. Music additions included.

Download Wordeo for iPhone

Meme Generator

Who doesn’t love a good meme? Just make use of the app’s over 600 HQ memes and captions or create ones from your gallery and share them with your friends. The app has plenty of awesome features you’ll want to try out and your friends will never be starved of entertainment with this one.


effectify - Best Third Party Facebook Messenger Apps

Effectify is a really simple fun app that lets you add a number of special effects to your selfies. You could grow old, get yourself a mustache, turn into a zombie or werewolf and yet retain your originality while you are at it. This one is my personal favorite and if you haven’t given it a try before, do check it out. It can make for some pretty hilarious conversations.

There are plenty of fantastic third party Facebook Messenger apps that are landing on the app platform and we have added just a few of the ones we love and think are cool! These apps have certainly made it worthwhile to use Facebook Messenger now.

What do you think of the creative third party Facebook Messenger apps? Would these apps sway your choice towards Facebook Messenger?

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