How to Download Restricted Video from YouTube for Free

YouTube hosts a lot of great videos. Unfortunately, some of them could be restricted in particular locations. Some YouTube music videos or movies aren’t available in Europe, Asia or Latin America due to copyright restrictions or language restrictions. But don’t be sad when you find such a video, you can watch it in any case. Want to know how? Then continue reading this post.

How to Download Restricted Video from YouTube for Free

Setup VPN Connection

Well, the 1st thing you’ll have to do is to download a utility called Hotspot Shield. It will let you change your IP address and pretend to be in another country where this video is available. The installation procedure is really easy. Most videos are available in the USA, so stick to US VPN connection with Hotspot Shield.

1) Download an .exe file from the official site.

2) Launch and install the software.

3) Create an account.

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Hotspot Shield sets up everything for you during the installation. So when it is finished, you’ll be automatically connected to VPN. The only drawback of Hotspot Shield is that the free version contains ads. However, you may get rid of them by getting monthly subscription ($5). One more minus is a bit slow connection. YouTube videos playback will be a little slower than your regular home Internet access.

Get Free YouTube Converter

freemake youtube mp3 converter

The next step is also very easy. Now you’ll need a good free YouTube converter to get the video from YouTube. I’d recommend Freemake YouTube Converter since it’s free, easy-to-use and has a really nice-looking interface.

Please be attentive while the installation. You’ll be offered to install additional software from other companies. Read carefully about the offer and if you are not interested in it, just opt out.

For faster downloading accept to install browser plugins. They will help you download YouTube content in only one click.

When you are done with the installation, launch Freemake YouTube Converter software. Then follow the instructions below:

1) Go to YouTube page with the restricted video.

2) copy the link and return to Freemake YouTube Converter.

3) click “Paste URL” button.

4) choose the desirable format and quality.

5) click “Download”

In a couple of moments depending on your connection speed, you’ll get the desirable video.

If you want to watch the video on your iPod, iPhone, iPad or Android device, choose “Convert to…” option that will help you prepare the YouTube video right in the format you need.

freemake youtube mp3 converter options

As you can see in the top right corner there is a “One-click” mode button. In case you always download YouTube videos in one and the same quality, you may enable this option for faster downloading. Choose the necessary quality, the action (download or convert) and the destination folder. Next time when you want to download a video, just click Freemake YouTube Converter button in your browser. The software will start and download the video automatically with the settings you chose.

After YouTube video download, don’t forget to turn off VPN connection. Click on Hotspot Shield icon and select the option to shut down the program. Now your Internet connection speed will return to normal state as before and your can enjoy YouTube video that you downloaded!

Victoria Kushner is a tech blogger who enjoys to write about free software and Freemake YouTube Converter.

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  • Updated December 26, 2015
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