Track Health Goals and Monitor Heart Rate with the New Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit has a powerful line up of activity trackers like the Fitbit Surge and Fitbit Charge HR. The company has now launched a fitness band called Alta HR. Take a closer look at the name and you'll guess what the new fitness band is all about – heart rate monitoring. Here’s a closer look at all the key features of the Fitbit Alta HR, its India price and when it is likely to hit the markets.

Fitbit Alta HR – Features

  • Measures Steps, Calories & Distance
  • Auto Sleep Tracking & Sleep Stages
  • Up to 7 Days Battery Life
  • Clock
  • Tap Display
  • PurePulse Heart Rate
  • SmartTrack
  • Auto Exercise Recognition
  • Call, Text & Calendar Alerts
  • Interchangeable Bands
  • Reminders to Move
Fitbit Alta HR

PurePulse Heart Rate

Fitbit believes that all your health and fitness goals begin with your heart. That’s why tracking your heart beat continuously is important. Fitbit’s PurePulse Heart Rate works by reflecting the green LED lights off the skin to detect changes in the blood flow and uses that data to track the beats per minute.

Tracks Weight Loss - By continuously tracking your heart rate, Alta HR can tell you how much of calories you are burning. This in turn will help you better reach your weight goals.

Maintain Right Workout Intensity - Continuous heart tracking during workouts will ensure that you don’t over exert yourself. The fitness band uses heart rate zones to help you find the right intensity for your workouts. For example, if your intention is to boost your basic endurance, you need to pace your workouts in the moderate intensity zone. If your aim is to increase muscle strength, you’ll need to work out in the medium-intensity zone and so on. Fitbit Alta HR even studies your resting heart to reveal changes in your cardiovascular health.

Reduce Stress - Finally, heart tracking also helps you reduce stress and anxiety and lower blood pressure. Based on your heart rate, you can take personalized guided breathing sessions to calm yourself any time of the day.

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Sleep Tracking

Sleep Tracking

Exercise is great but getting a good night’s sleep is equally important. Fitbit Alta HR can automatically track your health duration and consistency. Fitbit Alta HR sports a new Sleep Stages feature that uses the heart rate to track your time in light, deep and REM sleep to help you understand your sleep quality. This feature is expected to roll out in the next few months.

Apart from these key features Alta HR also throws in some additional smart features like the ability to receive calls, text messages and calendar notifications. You’ll also get reminders to move so you reach your mini goals (that’s 250 steps each hour). Plus, customizable clock faces will ensure that you see the display that suits your taste.

The Fitbit app offers plenty of extra features for you to set your personal goals, get personalized video workouts, manage nutrition, and track your weight trends. All the data is synced automatically to your smartphone so your health data is only a tap away.

Fitbit Alta HR  - India Price and Availability

The Fitbit Alta HR is available in Blue Grey, Black, Fuchsia, Coral, Gunmetal Black and Soft Pink colors combined with stainless steel. Leather accessory bands are available in gorgeous colors including brown, indigo and lavender while metals fans can consider buying metal bracelet variant.

You can pre-order the fitness band exclusively on Amazon for Rs.14,999 from March 15th to March 31st 2017. Beginning April 2017, the Alta HR will be on sale on Amazon India and from the 16th of April you can buy the device across all major stores. The Gun Metal and Rose Gold models are special editions that will cost Rs.16,999. Lastly, the Classic accessory bands are priced Rs. 2,999 and the Leather bands Rs. 5,999. The metal bracelet accessory will cost you Rs. 9,999.

If you’re interested in a stylish fitness band that offers a complete solution to plan your health and fitness regime, the Fitbit Alta HR is definitely worth considering.

What do you think of the new Alta HR? Do you have plans to buy the device when it launches later this month? Let us know in the comments section.

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