Give your Android Phone an iPhone Like Look

The battle between the Android and the iPhone seems to be never ending. Inspite of the surge in the number of Android phones, the popularity of the iPhone has not waned. In fact, many Android users still hope to get their hands on the iPhone. That’s probably because the iPhone has more features, flexibility, and provides a much better GUI in comparison to the Android. Being an Android phone owner, you do want these looks in your phone, don’t you? Well, not to worry. Here is something that can give your Android an iPhone like look without spending much.

Themes to Give your Android Phone an iPhone Like Look


Espier Launcher

Once you install the Espier Launcher, the lay out of your phone changes to rounded corners, you have a lot of new wall papers and themes similar to the iPhone ones and you no longer have to face the regular Android’s regular theme.


It supports dynamic icons like calendar, phone icons, SMS, display of the date.

The editing and creation of folders.

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Icon sorting method is supported.

Download ESPIER LAUNCHER for Android

Other Themes

It’s not only the Espier Launcher app in the Android market that can make your phone look like an iPhone, but there are other amazing themes that can help you too. Let’s have a look!

1. iPhone VO Theme Lite

iPhone VO Theme Lite - iPhone Like Look

This works on Android 2.1+. Moreover, for users with Launcher Pro 0.86, or with Go Laucher 2.35+, this is the right theme. You get to view a nice launcher with stylish backgrounds, and with the iPhone like icons. And the sounds, they are just classic! UPDATE: this app is no longer available on the Play Store.

Download iPhone VO Theme Lite

2. iPhone VD Theme Lite

iPhone VD Theme LiteThis theme is for the users of Launcher Pro, Go Launcher EX and for the users of ADW Launchers as well. Through this theme, you can set the Android phone icons and the backgrounds in the style of iPhone icons.

Download iPhone VD Theme Lite

3. iPhone 5 Black Go Launcher EX

iPhone 5 Black Go Launcher EXThis theme is for Android 2.0+. You get a nice black background through this theme. Don’t take it wrong and don’t think it boring, it provides a fantastic elegant black background. UPDATE: this app is no longer available on the Play Store.

Download iPhone 5 Black Go Launcher EX.

4. iPhone Go launcher theme

iPhone Go launcher themeThis is the type of theme youngsters’ love the most! It is amazingly colorful and beautiful! The rounded icons on a colorful background look really nice.  UPDATE: this app is no longer available on the Play Store.

Download iPhone Go launcher theme

Fake iPhone 4S

Fake iPhone 4SThis is another app that helps your Android to look like iPhone. It creates an exact copy of the home screen of iPhones, as well as the status bar of iPhone on your Android phone. As the developers say, this app is compatible and works on Samsung Galaxy S II, and Android phones having AMOLED+ display. Well, now the term ‘impossible’ is obsolete with such great innovations! UPDATE: this app is no longer available on the Play Store.

Download Fake iPhone 4S

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  • Updated December 27, 2015
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