How to Add a Board Cover in Pinterest

If you are reading this post, you’ve probably already signed up to the most visually appealing social media tool that is trending today – Pinterest. Pinterest boards are nothing but topics of interest such as products you love, books you read, trending technology, landscape and such stuff. Each board can contain a number of pins or stories/images you like. Each board has a default board cover. You can change the board cover to include one to your liking. In this post, I’ll show you how to add a board cover in Pinterest.

Before we get started, for readers not familiar with how to create a Pinterest board here’s a quick how to.

How to Create a Pinterest Board

1. Login to Pinterest.

2. On the toolbar at the top of the screen, click Add +


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3. In the Add pop up window, click Create a Board.

How to Create a Pinterest Board

4. In the Create a Board pop up window, enter a board name, select a category from the drop-down list, and select an option to choose who may pin items to the board.

board name

5. Click Create Board and you are ready to start pinning and adding a board cover.

How to Add a Board Cover in Pinterest

1. Login to Pinterest.

2. From the account settings drop-down list, select Boards.

pinterest boards

3. Hover the mouse pointer over the board for which you want to want to add a new board cover. You will notice the Edit Board Cover option. Click it.

edit board cover

4. In the pop up window, scroll to the left or the right to select an image. This image will be from one of the images on your board.

5. Once you’ve settled on an image, drag the image within the box to position it as per your liking and then click Set Cover.

set board cover

Alternatively, if you want to select an image you found while browsing your boards, hover the mouse pointer over the image and click Set Board Cover to add a board cover.

set board cover

Have you customized your Pinterest boards with a special board cover. Go ahead and do it now to make your boards look really cool.

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  • Updated December 26, 2015
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