IrfanView is a Cool Free Tool That lets You Batch Resize Images

If you work with images in your documentation work, I mean lots of images, you’ll most often find yourself needing an image resizing tool. Apart from Word, there are one or more built-in Windows tools that can do the image sizing and cropping for you. But, if you work with a large quantity of images that require resizing, these tools aren’t going to be of much help. Luckily, if you search the internet, you’ll always find a tool that caters to your needs. I found mine, in IrfanView, a totally free and super cool batch image resizer that’s saved me loads of time. In this post, I’ll show you how I resized 11 images in under 3 minutes with IrfanView.

How to Use IrfanView to Batch Resize Images

1. Download and setup IrfanView and open up the application.

2. Then from the File menu, choose Batch Conversion/Rename to open up the Batch conversion dialog box.

irfanview batch conversion

3. In the Batch conversion dialog box, from the Look in drop-down menu, navigate to the folder containing the images.

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4. Select the images you want to resize. You can use the Add, Add All, buttons to add all or individual images.

5. Then choose the conversion options. There are quite a few of them that you can leave as default. If you prefer to change the options, its just a matter of selecting an option. For instance, if you want the image output to be rendered as a PNG file, simply select it from the Output Format drop down.

6. Now on to resizing the image. Click the Use advanced options (for bulk resize) checkbox and then click Advanced.

advanced options to batch resize images

7. The Set for all images dialog box opens up. This might look a bit intimidating at first. But it’s quite simple to use really. Since I’m looking to crop all my images to 240×400 pixels, I’m simply going to input the data in the Resize area and click OK. You can also crop, change the color depth, and try your hand and other imaging aspects, if you need to. Then click OK.

batch image resizer  - set for all images

8. The next step is inputting the output directory. You can manually change this to a location you want, or click Use current “look in” directory. This will display the location where you stored the files. You can then create another folder within that location and add the path name to that directory. For instance, my original files are stored here: C:UsersAdelineDropboxCamera Uploads

I created a folder within the Camera Uploads folder called resized and then added resized to the path name. So the processed files will now be delivered to:

C:UsersAdelineDropboxCamera Uploadsresized

When you are satisfied with the result, simply click Start Batch.

Your files will instantly be converted into the format you want without compromising on quality.

IrfanView is simply an awesome tool if you want to be more productive in your workplace. If you haven’t given it a try yet, here’s the download link.

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  • Updated December 26, 2015
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