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iTunes Keyboard Shortcuts to Quickly Accomplish Tasks

Keyboard shortcuts in any application play an important role in helping to accomplish tasks more quickly. The trouble of course, is that almost every application uses a unique combination of shortcut keys which limits the scope of its usage. If you are in the habit of frequently using iTunes, you may print a copy of the shortcuts for quick reference and as you become familiar with the shortcuts, you will no longer need any reference material. You can refer to this list of iTunes keyboard shortcuts or download it in the PDF format ( link at the bottom of the post) for your use later.

itunes keyboard shortcuts

iTunes Keyboard Shortcuts to Quickly Accomplish Tasks

ToKeyboard Shortcut
Open iTunes HelpF1
Edit the name of the currently selected itemF2
Refresh the selected Radio, iTunes DJ list, or Genius Playlist
Check for app updates when Apps is selected
Refresh source list
Play a selected songEnter
Start or stop playing the selected songSpace Bar
Listen to the next or previous albumShift+Right Arrow or Left Arrow
Move one song forward or backwardLeft Arrow or Right Arrow
Select or deselect all the songs in a listControl+click any checkbox next to a song
Create a playlist from a selection of songs or
Create a new Smart Playlist
Shift+click the Add (+) button at the bottom left of the window
Move forward or backward within a songControl+Alt+Arrow
Reshuffle the current playlistAlt+click the Shuffle button at the bottom left of the window
Search in the iTunes from anywhere in iTunesType in Search field and press Shift-Return
Insert the cursor in the search fieldControl+Alt+F
Deselect all the songs in the listShift+Control+A
Mute the sound (song will continue to play)Control+Alt+Down Arrow
Decrease the volumeControl+Down Arrow
Increase the volumeControl+Up Arrow
Select all the songs in the listControl+A
Hide or show the Browser (Artist and Album columns)Control+B
Copy the selected song’s information or artworkControl+C
Eject a CDControl+E
Enter or exit full-screen viewControl+F
Hide or show song artworkControl+G
Open the song or CD Info window for the selected song or CDControl+I
Open the View Options window for the selected sourceControl+J
Show the currently playing song in the listControl+L
Add a file to your music libraryControl+O
Show where a song file is locatedControl+R
Turn the visualizer on or offControl+T
Stream audio file at a specific URL to iTunesControl+U
Paste a selected song’s information or artworkControl+V
Close the iTunes windowControl+W
Cut a selected song’s information or artworkControl+X
Undo your last typing change while still in edit modeControl+Z
Interrupt a process such as burning a CD, syncing, converting a file, and so on.Control+Break
Open iTunes PreferencesControl+Comma
Open the Store menuAlt-S
In the Get Info window, see the info for the next or previous song in the listAlt+N or Alt+P
Open iTunes in “safe mode” (without external plug-ins)Control+Shift (while opening iTunes)
Choose artwork for the selected videoWhile the video is playing, press the Control key, click the movie, and choose Set Poster Frame
Expand or collapse all the triangles in the Radio’s Stream listControl+click a triangle
Shrink the iTunes window to show only the playback controlsClick the zoom control in the upper-left corner of the iTunes window

Download iTunes Keyboard Shortcuts.

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      Nice! Thank you for putting these together. I use Itunes all the time and never looked into the shortcut keys. Much appreciated~!