Microsoft’s Analog Keyboard App for Android Wear Lets you Write on your Smartwatch

Despite the fact that Microsoft is competing with Android, it appears to be pretty happy with support for Android Wear. The company was quick to announce the improved OneNote app for Android Wear, and if that wasn’t enough, it has also launched an experimental Analog Keyboard app for Android Wear. Let’s take a look at how the app works.

Analog Keyboard App for Android Wear

Well, we all know how impossibly annoying it is to use the tiny keyboards we have on the smartphones, but just imagine how much more worse it could be to even attempt to use it on a smartwatch! Thankfully, Microsoft has a pretty nifty solution in its experimental keyboard app. It actually manages to put an entire keyboard onto the watch interface, but what’s even better is that it lets you write or draw letters on its surface using your fingers, instead of tapping to type them out.

Analog Keyboard App


This certainly looks like a pretty cool solution for times when you are unable to use your voice controls to activate commands. The Analog Keyboard App for Android Wear is compatible with all devices having a resolution of 320×320, so if you have an LG G watch, you’ll have to count yourself out at the moment. Installing the app on your Android Wear device is also a bit tedious as you have to download the APK file from Microsoft and manually install it on to your smartwatch. There are other limitations as well. For instance, you cannot write capital letters or other fancy words and it tends to drain out your battery a lot faster than a normal keyboard might do. There is also one known bug at the moment on the Moto 360.

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Analog Keyboard App for Android Wear Teaser

Microsoft has also offered some usage tips for anyone who wishes to give the Analog Keyboard App a try. For instance, you can write lowercase letters, numbers and basic punctuations. The app also auto corrects frequently used words like “and” and “this” for faster finishes. When it comes to rare words and hashtags, users are expected to write each character clearly and legibly with a slight pause between each character. And finally, the backspace key acts as a repeat function when you long press it.

Overall, for a prototype, the Analog Keyboard App catches the eye. If it can work out all its quirks and becomes a more full-fledged app, it can surely find a permanent place in every users’ smartwatch. If you wish to give Analog Keyboard App a try, click here to download the prototype.

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  • Updated December 26, 2015
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