Monitor Kids’ Smartphone or Tablet with Powerful Pumpic App

We take a look at the powerful Pumpic app that aims to help parents keep kids safe from dangerous online predators & unsafe activities like cyber bullying & sexting.

For every parent, ensuring the safety of his or her children is a basic instinct. The thing is, over the last decade or two the world has changed so greatly in terms of technology that parents now must protect their children not only physically (offline) but also digitally (online). Modern kids and teens don’t know life without the Internet and spend the vast majority of their free time – communicating, socializing, playing, and studying online.

But for all their tech-savviness, they remain inexperienced lamers when it comes to assessing risks, making complex decisions, and estimating consequences of their actions. This is especially true for their online existence as, unlike real life, in 99% of cases parents are not around to say "Don't do this and that because it's dangerous."

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What Is Pumpic?

Pumpic app is a comprehensive parental monitoring software designed to raise parents' awareness of what their kids are up to when using gadgets to go online and to communicate. Possessing this knowledge, moms and dads can prevent, avert or at least minimize the aftermath of bad things if they happen to their little ones.

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Cyber bullying

What do we mean when talking about those "bad things"? Well, there wouldn't be enough place in this review to name them all, but the major of them are cyber bullying, online predators, sexting, inappropriate content, identity theft, etc. Pumpic creators claim that their product is very effective to deal with these perils.

How Pumpic App Works?

The software collects various information on the kid's device and displays it in the Internet-based dashboard called Control Panel. Parents can access it anytime from PC or Mobile via any browser.

Alternatively, parents can make use of free specialized Control Panel App. The CP App, which is available for iOS and Android, is tuned to show the most essential monitoring data only – text messages, call logs, browsing history, location, contacts. For the full report, you'll have to log in to the web interface.


Pumpic can be set up on iOS and Android devices. However the solutions for the two mobile platforms are different – both, technically and ideologically. The main distinction between them is as follows:


On iOS, you don't install the app and monitor iCloud account by downloading iCloud backups. Such approach enables invisible but fully legal broad monitoring along with technical fuss close to none;


On Android, you install the visible app that tracks multiple activities on the target device. But you must be ready to perform complex technical maneuvers to get the most of it.

Here is a table with unified solutions' characteristics:


iOS (iCloud Monitoring)



$6.99/month ($83.99/year)

Premium - $6.99/month ($83.99/year);

Basic - $5.33/month ($63.99/year)

Supported Versions

iOS 6.0 to iOS 10+

Android 2.2 to Android 6.1


Jailbreak of the target device - not required

Root - might be needed for several monitoring features. The majority of functions is available without root.

Physical Access to the Target Device

Not required for the setup. However, it may be needed to check backup or iCloud settings.

Required to perform the app installation.

App Installation

No need to install the app. But iCloud Password – required

The app is detectable but protected with the password.

Monitoring Features

11 features (View All iCloud Features)

26 Premium features; 15 Basic features. (View All Android Features)

Check out the interface and functionality.

App Monitoring Features

A couple more words about the app's monitoring features.

In the iOS Solution (iCloud monitoring), the emphasis is made on the following: communications (calls, SMS/iMessages, 2-3 instant messengers), online activity (browsing history and bookmarks), location (current whereabouts and routes history) plus photos, contacts, notes, and calendar. Unfortunately, monitoring of social media and some of the most popular online messengers (e.g., Viber, Skype, Line) is limited or not available here.

For its part, the Android Solution has much wider functionality, including app and device management capabilities. For example, you can block SMS, calls, and websites; or view emails and set geofences. You're also enabled to track WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Snapchat (text messages only), Kik plus Facebook and Instagram.

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Final Impressions


Pumpic cost is quite straightforward and depends on the subscription duration – the longer it is, the less you pay per month.

If we take a one-year period, the price would be:

  • $6.99/month ($83.99/year) for iOS (iCloud) and Android Premium solutions;
  • $5.33/month ($63.99/year) for Android Basic subscription.
  • A little tip: Check the Pumpic Store periodically, as they regularly roll out special offers. For example, right now you can purchase any second subscription with the 40% discount.

Installation & Support

The moment you confirm subscription payment, the Installation Guide will be sent to your email. Just follow the instructions inside to minimize chances of setup errors.

Setting up Pumpic on iOS is really simple as it doesn't require app installation. Dealing with Android might be trickier (especially if you decide to root the target device), but still, the key is to first read the guide and then do what it says. Should any questions arise, you can contact the Pumpic Support team who are always ready to help.

  • You can email [email protected]
  • Do a Live Chat on the site (available 10 AM - 10 PM EDT);
  • Or call (913) 717-6477 (available 10 AM - 10 PM EDT).


iOS Solution (iCloud Monitoring) is very convenient and technically simple even when performing a substantial surveillance. With more and more parents buying their kids Apple devices, which are harder and harder to jailbreak, iCloud monitoring is the future of surveillance. In turn, Android Solution provides broader tracking functionality especially on rooted target devices. But technical hassles may be an issue for non-tech-savvy people.

With so many dangers online, it is better to be safe than sorry. A kids' monitoring solution is definitely one way to ensure your kids safety.

If you find the need to monitor your kid's smartphone or tablet, Pumpic is an app you should definitely check out. It definitely takes a place among the top five apps in the market.

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