Windows 8 Editions Announced


The much awaited Windows 8 editions details have finally been announced. New and prospective Windows customers will be delighted to know that Microsoft has decided to do away with the different types of editions available with earlier versions, you know the Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home … [Read more...]

Exciting New Android Apps to Download this Week in April


Android users, let’s take a look at some of the updated and exciting new Android apps to download this week. If you have recently downloaded an app that you think is awesome, share it with us in the comments section. You just might be helping someone looking for a way to get things done quickly … [Read more...]

How to Create Reminders for Hotmail Events


Just as you can create a reminder in Outlook 2010 for appointments, meetings, or messages, you can also create reminders for the popular webmail client Windows Live Hotmail. Unlike Outlook, when you set up a reminder in Hotmail, you can choose to automatically receive a reminder via email, on your … [Read more...]

Useful Free Apps to Resize Images Online


There may be times when you are working on images or pictures for a project and need to cut, crop, resize, shrink or optimize images before including them in your presentation, document, or blog post. In case you find yourself struggling with the basic tools available on your PC, you can quickly … [Read more...]

How to Add a Board Cover in Pinterest


If you are reading this post, you’ve probably already signed up to the most visually appealing social media tool that is trending today - Pinterest. Pinterest boards are nothing but topics of interest such as products you love, books you read, trending technology, landscape and such stuff. Each … [Read more...]

How to Create a Table of Contents in Excel 2010


Often, when you work with Excel, you tend to use a number of worksheets so that data related to a particular project stays in one workbook. Soon, you find yourself having ten to fifteen worksheets and struggling to find data from among those several sheets. One quick way to solve this problem is to … [Read more...]

Can Windows Phone 7 Finally Compete?


Nokia’s wildly popular, low cost Windows Phone 7 device, the Lumia 900, just got even more appealing. Already priced to sell by AT&T to new customers and those willing to enter a new two year contract at $99, Nokia is offering a $100 additional rebate, or credit to any early adopters’ AT&T … [Read more...]

Quick Ways to Compare Data in Excel


One of the common things we do when working with Excel data is comparing two strings of text. There are several ways to do this, and in this post, I'll share some quick ways to compare data in Excel. These are ones that I frequently use and hope you find use for them in your daily work. Quick Ways … [Read more...]

Sell Used iPhone Devices to Get that New Upgrade


It is no secret that your old iPhone is seriously outdated! With all the new iPhone upgrades, you are desperately in need of a new phone. Your friend down the street has this new touch screen that is virtually unbreakable, and has double the memory with way more apps than you do, right? The thing … [Read more...]