Online File Sharing Tool Minus Gets Bigger and Better


Back in September of last year, I reviewed a free online file sharing tool Minus, that offered up to 10GB of free cloud storage. Almost five months later, I revisited Minus to find out how the site has grown. Minus has definitely become bigger and better with loads of new features and extra storage … [Read more...]

How to Protect Yourself from Online Trackers


You visit hundreds of websites every month. Have you ever wondered if your browsing activities are being watched by someone at the other end? Chances are, you are aware that Google monitors your searches so that it can display relevant ads or information the next time you search for information. But … [Read more...]

The 5 Best Mobile Apps for Sports Info on the Go


Thanks to the popularity of smartphones, sports fans can easily get their favorite team's news on the go or check out the latest scores wherever they are. Whether you have an iPhone or Android device, staying on top of the latest sports news has never been more easy. Here are the 5 best mobile apps … [Read more...]

How to Add Social Media Icons to Your Outlook Signature


A powerful way to connect to people is via social media. Since most of your work correspondence happens through email, adding social media icons to your signature is significant as it provides your customers and clients with easier access to you on your social network. If you use Gmail as your email … [Read more...]

How to Play a Music File Across Multiple Slides in PowerPoint


When you insert a sound file into one of your PowerPoint presentations, you may want it to play across multiple slides in the presentation. But that does not happen by default. When the presentation moves to the next slide, you’ll find that the music automatically stops playing. In this tutorial, … [Read more...]

How to Access SkyDrive Files in Outlook 2010


Do you use Office 2010 and Windows Live SkyDrive to work, share and collaborate with your team mates and clients? If you use Outlook 2010 to share links to documents you created and stored on SkyDrive, you are probably wasting time switching from Outlook to SkyDrive to send that email. Learn how to … [Read more...]

How to Hide All Google Chrome Tabs in a Single Click


If you are an avid browser, and Google Chrome is your choice of browser, then you probably have the habit of opening several Chrome tabs to access your search results. Suddenly you realize that you have too many tabs open and then have to go about manually closing the ones you don’t currently need. … [Read more...]

How to Access Android Apps Without Country Restrictions


If your are an Android user residing outside the U.S, you know that not all Android apps are accessible to you. This may be annoying especially when you are in need of an app and are not able to download it. Luckily, the Market Unlocker app lets you access such paid or restricted apps quite easily. … [Read more...]

How to Extract a Unique List of Entries in Excel


When working with Excel, your data may have columns with repeated values or entries. There may be times when you want to view or extract only the unique values in the column. Although you can use the Filter command to check the unique entries, you may want to want to generate a unique list of … [Read more...]