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Nothing to See Here: 5 Steps for Avoiding Big Brother

Most of us probably watch "Doomsday Preppers" just for fun, but after the recent NSA scandal, you might find yourself taking notes during the next episode. It's bad enough that Facebook ads are tailored to your personal interests (seriously, how do they know I love The Olive Garden and Blue Man Group?!), but now they're intercepting emails and phone calls too? Some people might be fine with the government sifting through awkward emails between their

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How to Prevent Firefox Tabs Opening in New Window

Tabs are a great way to organize several windows within a single window. Most popular browsers allow users to open a number of windows as tabs, within one window and Firefox is no exception. Except that some users may have encountered issues with opening a new tab within the same window. If you have one such problem, here’s how you can prevent Firefox tabs opening in new window. The answer is most likely that there

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Run Your Business With These iOS Apps for Business

With Smartphones having made a place for themselves on every hand, mobile apps have turned into prevalent tools. From guiding us on our route through G.P.S to helping us add filters to our photos and giving them the vintage look, apps do it all. They have entered every sphere of our life and have made it easier with their functionality. Below we look at some iOS apps that can be used by small business owners

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LG Optimus G Pro: Phablet Designed for One Hand

The LG Optimus G Pro is a phablet with nifty customization options to make it easier to use with one hand and is now available through AT&T. This phablet is LG’s answer to Samsung’s own popular phablet, the Galaxy Note 2. The question now is, is the LG Optimus G Pro good enough to challenge the Note 2? Find out if this is the smartphone for you.  Like most LG phones, the Optimus G Pro has a plastic



The Insider’s Guide to Purchasing Components for a High End PC

So you've finally had enough of low end and mid-range PCs. Maybe they lag, or freeze. Perhaps there isn't enough RAM or processing power to handle the types of programs you want to run. Regardless of the reason, you have finally made the decision to upgrade your computing capability building a higher end PC.  This post will serve as your guide to purchasing components to build your very own high end PC. Building a PC