How to Optimize the Battery Life of Android Tablets


Android tablets are really cool. They give you access to the most amazing things on the web while on the go. Of course, nothings perfect, and the limitations of these mobile devices is that the battery simply lets you down sooner or later. If you use your tablet quite heavily, then you’ll find … [Read more...]

How to Create Kindle eBooks Using HTML


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Cloud Services for Android


Cloud services for Android have been on the rise with emerging services promising users bigger amounts of cloud storage space and flexibility to access their stored content from virtually at any corner of the world. Most of the current cloud services for android are dedicated to mobile clients … [Read more...]

Facebook Messenger App for Windows 7


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Download these Fresh New Windows 7 Themes for your Desktop


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Why Google Plus is So Awesome for Students and Professionals!


When most people think of social media, Google Plus is NOT one of the first sites to come to mind. In fact, Pinterest recently replaced Google Plus as the third leading social media site. Although Google Plus may not be as popular as Twitter or Facebook (and even Pinterest), it doesn’t mean that … [Read more...]

How to Download MP3 Files from Gmail on your Android Device


The Gmail app on Android gives you an awesome email experience as it not only lets you view your Gmail messages but also download attachments to your phone. Well, most attachments anyway. While there’s no workaround when it comes to the popular ZIP file format, users can download other file types … [Read more...]

Top Google Plus Cover Pages to Adorn your Page


Google Plus has finally gotten a much needed redesign since its launch and one of the most striking change is the introduction of the Cover Page or the Cover Photos. Following in the footsteps of its fierce competitor Facebook, Google has introduced a bigger and better version of the cover pages. … [Read more...]

How to Multiply and Add Values Quickly Using Excel Functions


Excel Functions are a great way to do complicated computations, but a lot of us are intimidated by the use and sound of the term. There are a lot of simple activities that can be accomplished quickly using Excel functions and in this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use the SUMPRODUCT function to … [Read more...]