Tablets will be Prominent this 2012 Holiday Season

Today, thousands of people are becoming fans of the new popular tablet devices that are just like computers and laptops, but are easier to use on the go. From iPads to Kindles and much more, many different brands are creating their own versions of tablets that people are becoming big fans of. These useful devices range in what they offer, but all … [Read more...]

7 Panoramic Themes for Your Windows 8 Desktop

The Windows Personalization gallery has a great collection of themes for your Windows PC. Themes that work not just on a single monitor, but also on a dual monitor PCs. These set of themes are called Panoramic themes and they extend across both monitors provided they are of the same resolution. If the monitors are of different resolutions, then a … [Read more...]

How to Disable the Windows 8 Lock Screen

The Lock screen in Windows 8 offers users much more information to what was available in earlier versions, but not everyone needs to know their email status, or calendar events from the first screen that pops up when they launch their PCs. Since it takes barely a few seconds to login to Windows 8 PC, there’s hardly any need to navigate through an … [Read more...]

Top 10 Windows Phone 8 Apps

Apps have become part of our Smart Phone devices. From being used just for games they have also become mandatory additions to our daily lives. There are thousands of apps to choose from in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Here are few of the top Windows phone 8 apps that you may consider downloading for your phone. Must Have Windows Phone 8 Apps 1. … [Read more...]

Your Essential Guide to Photo Printing

Although it is mainly individuals using their home printers who want to learn how best to print their photos, many businesses also need to know about photo printing. Companies mainly use photo printing in order to create marketing materials and work newsletters, as well as resources for trade shows and exhibitions. In this guide, we reveal … [Read more...]

How to Personalize Windows 8 Start Screen

The Start screen is the first screen that you get to see when you unlock your PC. It replaces the traditional Start button seen in previous Windows versions, and contains commonly used programs displayed in a tiled format. Depending on the number of tiles the Start screen holds, the screen expands. Now that you can see how the Start screen looks … [Read more...]

Free Promo Codes for VerbBusters and PhrasalVerbWorkout Apps for Android

Following our review of the awesome Android App PhrasalVerbWorkout on, John Rodriguez, who is the developer of the app, has most graciously offered our readers free promo codes for two of their most popular apps, PhrasalVerbWorkout and VerbBusters irregular verbs. If you love to learn the English language in a fun and … [Read more...]

2 Wacky Ways To Capture An ‘Up High’ Experience On Your Camera

There’s nothing like a stunning panoramic view of a valley, ocean or desert from above. Height adds a new dimension to any photograph, and if executed correctly, can produce stunning results. However, save for taking a hot air balloon, it is very difficult to capture an image from up high on your camera. Take a look at these two wacky ways in which … [Read more...]