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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini or Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini? Which One to Choose?

With Samsung accidentally revealing the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini on its website, we decided to take a look at how it compares to its alter ego the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. If you have had plans to pick up an S3 mini, you can now do a comparative analysis to make a better choice between the two. The Galaxy S3 Mini – source The Galaxy S4 Mini has a smaller width but is longer than

windows 8 fi


How to Speed Up Your Windows 8 PC

One of the quickest ways to speed up your Windows 8 PC is to stop programs from automatically loading when Windows 8 boots up. In this tutorial, we take a look at how to Speed Up Windows 8 Startup by removing unwanted programs from the Start Up screen using the Windows 8 Task manager itself. I’m sure that there are other programs such as CCleaner that will do the job, but why bother with them

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Open Cloud Gaming: Can the Cloud be Fun?

The cloud has proven itself to be an ideal technology for the global and mobile business world. But the cloud doesn’t have to be all about work. Gamers are also turning to the cloud. However, to truly optimize cloud-based gaming, companies need an infrastructure that can scale to handle millions of new users, with world-class reliability and vendor neutrality to control costs. Historically, cloud gaming systems have been closed-source with proprietary protocols, but slowly, the open



Play The Queen of Snakes: An Awesome Indiana Jones Styled Puzzle Game

If you love high adventure and puzzles, Queen of Snakes is a game you will thoroughly enjoy playing. It is a game of treasure hunting set in the ancient mystical Mayan jungles and captured in a graphically exhilarating art style. The game is a browser based game and might just keep you completely engrossed, so make sure you’ve got a few hours on hand to stumble your way though this wild treasure hunting adventure. The



6 Security Apps That Protect You and Your Data

Using a mobile device without protection carries a huge risk—but you can't just put your trust into any old piece of software.  What are the most trustworthy security apps on the market today? We look at six of the best. At around $15, this is one of the most expensive security apps currently available, but producers Wyse promise a comprehensive system that allows you to access files, applications and pictures while connecting remotely in a

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