Personalize your Android Device with these Top Apps

Android is a versatile operating system for mobile phones, and that is the reason why many big time manufacturers use it in their devices. Almost every utility within the Android is replaceable with what you consider as better for you, and that includes browsers and app drawers. Rooting is undoubtedly the best way to customize Android, but the downside is you need to be a little tech savvy. There is however a better way for Android users to customize – get apps from Android Market. There are hundreds of apps you may want to try, and most you will find are better than the utilities that were shipped along with the device. More than anything else, what you will like most is that there are many free Android apps on the internet. Here are some free apps to personalize your Android device.

Free Apps to Personalize Your Android

Free Apps to Personalize Your Android

1. ADW.Launcher

Home screen is the first thing you may want to change to give your phone a new look. Besides looks, ADW.Launcher can make navigating around a little cooler for you. There is almost nothing that you cannot do as far as your screen appearance is concerned – you can change the color of app drawer and even hide the status bar. You can download ADW.Launcher here.

2. LauncherPro

Like ADW LauncherPro is primarily meant for making changes to your home screen. In addition to making changes, LauncherPro is great for adding widgets for Twitter and other services. If you don’t like the look of icons already present you can choose a different set by downloading a separate icon pack. There is lots of scope for tinker around here, and that is what makes it so great. For downloading, go here.

3. Go Launcher EX

More than giving great looks to your home screen, Go Launcher EX can do more to the app drawer. That the app does by giving you total flexibility in rearranging other apps in your mobile phone. You can also use this tool for uninstalling apps that you don’t use. Go Launcher EX is good for rearranging apps, and more important for closing all running programs and setting free your mobile’s RAM. You can get a free copy of the app here.

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4. Launcher 7

The though not high on utility, you will simply love it for the great looks it will gives to your device. If you are mobile has Vanilla Android, then you can change the interface to Window 7 Phone. When you install the app on your phone you will also be able to see live apps like Gmail and Messenger. You may want this app because it makes checking messages and calling someone easier. A copy of the app can be obtained here.

5. Myxer

If you are particular about ringtones for your phone than Myxer is a must for you. There are hundreds of free ringtones from which you can choose the right one for your mobile phone. If you have an MP3 file saved in your phone’s memory, you can even use that for creating your ringtones. You will see a glitch here and there in Myxer, but on the whole it works well. You can download this app from here.

6. Backgrounds HD Wallpapers

If you had tried to install wallpapers on you Android phone, you will also have discovered how frustrating the job can be; often they are either too large to fit or too small, or simply funky and unattractive, and that Backgrounds HD Wallpapers can solve for you. Though a very basic app, Backgrounds HD Wallpapers contains hundreds of wallpapers ready for you, cropped and sized to fit exactly. You can download it from here.

7. Retro Camera

Though your Android phone comes with a good photography utility, Retro Camera can give you a different kind of experience with superior quality images. Included in the app are great filers and special effects features. In addition to shooting great photos, you can use Retro Camera for posting images on Facebook and Twitter. Retro Camera is available here.

8. Little Photo

You will simply like it because it is going to make life easier for you when it comes to shooting pictures. Though your Android phone has a good photo utility, Little Photo will take you couple steps higher even if you are a novice to imaging. Built into the app are numerous filters and special effects. You will particularly like the Ink Dye and Dry Rose options. Little Photo app can be downloaded from here.

9. Winamp

Winamp needs little introduction and it has been around for a long time. You will particularly like the easy-to-use interface, and is amongst the best for listening to music. There is a music player built into the Android OS, but here is something that will take you to greater heights. Winamp app for Android includes Shoutcast Internet Radio. Hopefully you will like it most. Organizing your music cannot be any easier. You can download Winamp here.

10. Le Twist

Le Twist may not be as rich in features as Winamp, but there is a twist to it – you can even sync music from your iPod or Mac using AirSync wirelessly and stream music to Xbox, PlayStation 3 and Apple TV. Le Twist is free to download, install and use, though if you want to use AirSync you may have to pay an unlocking fee. Le Twist features include radio stations and rating service as well. You can download the app here.

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  • Updated December 26, 2015
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