Samsung Galaxy S8: Specifications, Price, Launch Date Rumors

The Galaxy Note 7 disaster may have cost Samsung billions of dollars but that’s not stopping the South Korean giants from going ahead with its next flagship device, the Galaxy S8. Naturally, there are plenty of eyes on the upcoming smartphone. Can Samsung rebound from the Galaxy 7 fiasco and redeem itself as the leading smartphone manufacturer in the world? Well, let’s find out what the Samsung Galaxy S8 intends to offer customers who have lost faith in the company. Here are the Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors and leaks doing the rounds – for the curious minded.

Unique Features Samsung Galaxy S8 (Rumored )

  • 4K display
  • 6GB RAM
  • Optical Fingerprint scanner
  • Iris Scanner
  • Wireless charging
  • No Home button

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumored Launch Date

The Galaxy S8 was due to make its entry in the last week of February this year, at the annual Mobile World Conference event in Barcelona. However, word now is that the launch could be put off until April 15th of this year. There is a lot of speculation still about the launch date still, as Samsung is keeping that information close to its chest.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumored Price

Will Samsung price the S8 high to make up for the losses on the Note 7?  Well, the major design changes in the S8 itself could be an indication of higher costs. Financial institution, Goldman Sachs has indicated that the cost of raw materials for manufacturing the device has gone up by at least 15-20 percent compared to what it cost for the Galaxy S7. In all, it looks like buyers are going to pay more. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Price in India is likely to be in the range of 50K to 55K rupees.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked photos

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So now on to the most exciting aspects of the S8? What do the rumors indicate regarding the specifications?

Let’s start with the body. Recent photos leaked at a promotional event indicate AMOLED panels with negligible top and bottom bezels.

The dual-edged curved display takes up most of the front panel. Also missing is the physical home button, which most users have gone used to. At the back of the device is a repositioned camera and a heart rate sensor. As for the display specs, one report indicates a 5.5-inch 4K Super AMOLED display.

The Galaxy S8 is expected to be powered by the recently announced Snapdragon 835 or an Exynos variant. The device may come with a 6GB or 8GB RAM. It will also run the latest Android OS 7.0 Nougat.

Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner

Another huge expectation is that the S8 will feature an iris scanner. This will allow users to simply look at the smartphone to unlock it.

Galaxy S8 Variants

Yet another story doing the rounds is that the company could launch the S8 in 2 variants, a 5.5-inch model and and 6-inch one. The latter is likely to be called the Galaxy S8 Plus.

Galaxy S8 Fingerprint Scanner

With the disappearance of the Home button, the fingerprint sensor, which usually resides underneath is expected to move to the back of the phone. There are also suggestions that the fingerprint scanner may become optional with the display playing the role instead.

Galaxy S8 Virtual Assistant

The acquisition of Viv Labs is fueling rumors that Samsung could introduce an AI service on its 2017 flagship model. The virtual assistant is likely to be available on all Samsung apps that come preinstalled with the device. The AI is expected to be called Bixby for the male assistant and Kestra for the female.

Galaxy S8 Pressure Sensitive Display

Samsung is likely to follow in Apple’s footsteps as far as the 3D Touch technology is concerned. The flagship is likely to allow deep press functionality apart from the usual tap functions.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Storage

There is talk of the Galaxy S8 sporting a 256GB variant as well. The Galaxy series has always been available in 32GB and 64GB variants with a separate microSD slot, but this might change with the S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera

The camera is likely to see an upgrade with talks of an autofocus functionality available on the front camera. A dual camera with a 16-MP and 8-MP lens is also expected.

Samsung Desktop Experience

One more interesting rumor doing the rounds is that the S8 is likely to feature a Windows Continuum like feature called Samsung Desktop Experience. This feature will allow users to use the smartphone on the PC intuitively.

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