Score Alarm is Your Perfect Score Tracker App for Android

If you’re a sports junkie and just can’t stay away from keeping tabs on how your favorite teams and players are faring, you probably have an app stationed on your Android device to give you first hand information on the latest events and happenings. However, if you want more than just the usual offering of sports scores, such as notifications on when your team has scored a goal or if your team player has picked up a red card, you’ll need a cooler app, one called Score Alarm.

Score Alarm App Review

Score Alarm Menu

Score Alarm for Android brings you the sporting schedules and stats on 19 sports from soccer, ice hockey and tennis to handball, baseball and badminton. There are some peculiar sports such as bandy and floorball thrown in for good measure.

The Home screen is a tabbed interface listing the games that are scheduled to happen today and tomorrow and the current week, but you can also find schedules of events that happened the previous day.

Home page

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At the top of the screen is a menu button that lets you view your favorite events and alarms as well as the list of sporting events you want to get information on. You can even search for specific information using the Search button at the top.

But what really sets apart Score Alarm is its Alarm system, which can be accessed by hitting the Bell icon. To set an alarm about an event you want to follow, you simply have to tap the Bell icon beside the event. This will open up The Overview screen where you can set alarms for specific instances such as reminder for the start of the event, information on the lineup, goals scored, red cards issued, as well as any latest news and information on the event.

Score Alarm options

The Overview screen itself is a tabbed interface where you can swipe to the right to view the live stats, lineups, head to head info, table standings, video and news on the event. While the information and statistics sections looked good,  I was surprised to find very little video and news information on many events, which was a little disappointing.

Score Alarm head to head

If you still haven’t checked out Score Alarm, be sure to give it a try. It’s a handy sports app that you’ll find yourself checking into often. Price: Free.

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