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The Tool That Saved My Precious Photos

We review Remo Recover for Mac – a tool that lets you safely get back photos you lost on your device.

We all love capturing photos. Freezing moments of a baby taking her first step, celebrating birthdays, capturing that beautiful smile of a bride on her wedding day. All these photographs are precious moments that we cherish when we look back on them years later.

As the famous poet, Cesare Pavese, said, “We do not remember days, we remember moments”. Photos can truly make us re-live those moments.

Recover Deleted Photos with Hetman Photo Recovery

Digital photography has revolutionized the way we take pictures. You no longer need to worry about film, exposition, luminosity and other things, the digital brain of your camera will take care of this and cram thousands of photos onto a memory card the size of a nail. Unfortunately, the abundance of technological marvels doesn’t guarantee the complete security of your photos. Accidents still happen; a power failure, a computer crash, a virus attack or improper handling of a memory card or a USB flash drive can damage your photos and make you think that they are lost forever. In such situations, you’d like to have an efficient solution or tool that can keep your data secure. One photo recovery solution that you can consider using is Hetman Photo Recovery. Hetman Photo Recovery has an intuitive wizard-driven interface that makes the process of restoring your lost photo collection as easy as 1-2-3. The…

How Can I Recover Deleted Photos on Facebook

Facebook is that one place where we all share everything about our life – from a normal weekend dinner to a family vacation and our own wedding. We simply cannot resist documenting every minute detail of our life on the popular social media platform through photos. But have you ever wondered what happens to your Facebook photos should they go missing? We share so many pictures on Facebook that taking a backup of it doesn’t even cross our mind. Somewhere it has become embedded in our mind that once a picture goes up on Facebook, it’s always going to be there. But that’s not really true. What if your favorite picture on Facebook gets deleted and you do not even have a backup of it? You don’t just lose all your likes and comments but you also lose your precious pictures. Now, Facebook saves all the pictures you upload on…

Product Review: Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software 5.0 for Mac

Have you thought what will you do if you ever lose some of your really precious photographs (such as photos of your new born baby or your wedding)? Digital images are lost because of the corrupt camera card, or bad data storage device, wherein they were saved, or due to accidental deletion of photos from your Mac machine or camera card. Well, for such cases backup works as a boon. However, the loss can be very tragic in the absence of backup, but if you timely use a professional photo recovery software like Stellar Photo Recovery 6.0 (for Mac), then you can easily restore your invaluable image files. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software Overview: Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software 5.0 is an efficient tool that supports almost all types of digital data storage media like memory card, pen drive, Mac – laptop or desktop, iPod, internal and external hard drives,…

Here’s How You Can Recover Your Deleted External Hard Drive Photos

A major portion of your computer’s hard drive is filled with multimedia files such as photos, videos, songs, image files etc. Though these files are of use and importance, they occupy a larger space than any other files on your drive. Therefore, many times their presence reduces the speed of your system as well. To get back the speed of your computer and space on your hard drive you cannot delete your files. Then what should be the better way of keep these files with you and that too without dedicating large space for them? Well, one way can be keeping these multimedia files on an external hard drive. An external hard drive is a gadget that basically resides outside the computer and is used for maintaining the backup of your data. Once you attach this external drive to your computer, you can access it and transfer data to and from…