Tears of the Machine – A Mystery Mixed with a Battle for Freedom

If you’re looking for a game that has depth and action, look no further than Tears of the Machine Extended. A complete revamp of the original app, the Extended version has taken the gaming app and consolidated and repackaged all episodes of the entire saga so that you see all of them at the same time in the app.

Tears of the Machine App Review

Tears of the Machine

The story line behind the game is broken out into a Prologue and four episodes. While you will see icons for all four episodes, note that the developer has stated that Episodes 4 and 5 will be available after next year at the earliest.

Also note that you can get to the available episodes by either playing into them or by purchasing them.

What I mean by playing into them is working your way up, starting from the Prologue storyline. As you fight the battles and win, you move up the ladder of challenges and farther into the game. As soon as you defeat the foes in the Prologue, you automatically move into Episode 1 (Power of the Order). The same goes for Episode 2 (Dark Liberation).

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Tears of the Machine for ios

So, there are lots of episodes, but what are they all about? Tears of the Machine launches you forward to 2085, not really too far into the future, where there is mass destruction and a force of evil that has taken over. You awaken in a foggy state of mind, not sure of where you are or even who you are. All you have is a fuzzy picture of a girl, but you can’t figure out if it was part of a dream or a memory.

Well, enough of that. You are now immersed in a broken world that is in desperate need of fixing. Your mission is to help defeat the factions that are destroying peace and humanity while you keep the memories of your past alive.


In every episode, you are given arms to choose from. You get a primary and secondary weapon and, of course, your weaponry choices advance as you pummel through levels, collect points and strength, and forge forward.

What I really liked about the app was the ability to use it in different ways:

Story Mode: Option to play the game in a sequence laid out by the chapters. This is great for meticulous folk who like order.

Survival Mode: Ability to start playing in whatever game is open. This means you can jump around and advance at your own level. You won’t be following the story line, but that’s not what you are interested in anyway. You want to win.

Extras: Option to use hidden audio clues to discover secrets that will help you defeat the enemy.

Customizer: Ability to arm yourself well by upgrading weaponry based on in-game research and discoveries.

There is nothing much negative to say about the game. I love that the entire plot is now available from one app. Its easy to fully immerse myself without wondering what comes next. I did find the text on the screens a little difficult to read, especially when playing on the iPhone. But an easy fix is to play on a larger device.

Barring that, this extension to Tears of the Machine is a superb offering that you will enjoy for hours. I like that it’s free and that you can earn your way deeper in the story – no need to buy anything.

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  • November 25, 2016
Steve August

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