Top 5 Android Games For Boys

The best Android games for boys range through a variety of different formats, and include educational benefits alongside pure entertainment. The software behind Android games has improved over the past few years, to the extent that Android phones and tablets can now handle increasingly sophisticated graphics. Longer, more complex gameplay, and tailoring to different ages, also means that game apps provide value. With many of these apps also being free, it’s worth considering some of the following apps for boys, as well as for their more general appeal to people of all ages.

Best Android Games For Boys

1 – Robot Sounds

Android Games For BoysThis app allows children to play with robot sounds, putting them together to create different effects. Effects and noises range from simple beeps through to mechanical gears, wheels and garage sounds. An easy to use app, robot sounds is technically more of a toy than a game, but can take up a considerable amount of time with its changing functions and opportunity for play. Can be used as part of more general storytelling games, and alongside text to speech sound games like Robot Voice.


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2 – Laugh Box

Laugh BoxSimilar to Robot Sounds, laugh box involves transforming a phone into a portable laughter track, which can be used in games and with a range of small children. Installing the app results in a red button appearing on an Android phone screen. Hitting the button will first produce a chuckle, with repetitive hitting leading to fuller laughter. There are multiple tracks available for children to play with, making this app a useful way of keeping boys entertained. Does have the potential, however, to get annoying if over used.

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3 – Android Lightsaber

Android LightsaberThis popular app allows children to play with a virtual lightsaber from Star Wars. The lightsaber appears on the screen, and can be moved by swinging the handset, with music and sound effects generated by tapping the screen. The lightsaber’s colours can also be changed, and five different Star Wars characters are available. Extra effects include crackling and background noises. An Ultimate Lightsaber game is also available that features camera flashes, glow in the dark effects, and more lightsaber options.


4 – Moto X Mayhem

Moto X MayhemA rolling dirtbike app, Moto X Mayhem involves scrolling a bike through terrain, with the aim being to jump over and avoid obstacles. Using a well engineered physics engine, Moto X Mayhem is available as a free version, albeit with some advertising. Better suited to older boys, the game features 21 trails, and is easy to pick up, but difficult to master. Groaning noises and other sound effects add to the simple graphics.


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5 – Fly Boy

fly boyA recent app, Fly Boy sees you control a character as they fall from the sky, and have to shoot at enemies. Sliding a finger on the screen of a phone or tablet controls the drop, and the screen can be tapped to fire. This 3D falling game is straightforward to play, and similar to games like AirAttack for their fighter format. 19 achievement levels can be played, and while occasionally shutting down without warning, Fly Boy is expected to receive future updates.


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  • Updated December 25, 2015
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