Track Your Income and Expenses Easily with the Actfi App for Android

Do you need a break from writing down your expenses on log books or ledgers? Or escaping from those complicated excel spreadsheets that have been haunting you over your income and expenditure? Or even better, do you want all those complicated book keeping apps out of your way? If your answer to the above is “yes,” here is a solution to all your worries and frustrations. Actfi is a finance app that helps you track all of your incomes and expenses so you can save money on unwanted expenses. Here’s take a look at how the app works.

Actfi App Review

actfi finance app

The first step to becoming financially responsible is to know where your money is going. Actfi is a personal finance app that makes it easy for you to track all your bills and expenses. It also lets you add incomes earned during the month so you can know how much money you’ll need for your payments and how much of it you can save.

Unlike most finance apps, Actfi is straight forward and simple to use; no hassle, no going through complicated tabs or other stuff. However, you do need to sign up and verify your email account before you can start using it.

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New or first time users are walked through a few basic fields that need user input. There are two parts to the app that are linked to each other: The “Income” and “Expenses” tabs.

The income tab: This is where you input your income details. Enter the type of payment, the frequency of payment, choose whether it is fixed or fluctuating amount, the last time you got paid which is the date you got last paid, amount you got paid and hit go. You can choose to turn notifications on or off.

actfi payments page

The expenses tab: This is where you input all your expenses. Describe the expense, how often this expense happens, the amount you spend on this, last time it was due, and the notification whether on or off. Hit Go and the expense is set up.

Key Features of Actfi

  • Clean UI and easy expense and income updating
  • Keeps track of your income and expenses so that you know where the money is going
  • Helps you track unwanted expenses and minimize them
  • Notifications help you keep track of how often you spend and where the money goes
  • You can track how much you’ll save with each payment
  • Pie charts give you a clear picture of the percentage of income and expenses. Tapping on each colored pie gives you more details about the items

Note: You can add as many income or expense items as you need. If you have monthly incomes from more than one source, it can be included. And you can show past occurrences of both income and expenses if you wish to see history of income and expenses.

My Impressions

In my use of the app, I found Actfi to be a basic app that lets you manage your incomes and expenses. Its not convoluted with lots of options that are overwhelming. However, I did have a lot of trouble signing up. It would have been better if there were some social sign in options.

Not everyone is going to bother retrying a simple sign up form and then logging into their email account to verify it. Also, I think it would be wise to have the option “log off” automatically activated when you quit the app as it holds sensitive information.

Actfi doesn’t really suggest how you can save money, so its tag line may not be very apt. However, its still a neat app that lets you manage your income and expenses without all the frills. Actfi is available on the Play Store for free. Click the link below to download it now.

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