Useful Gmail Tips and Tricks You Must Know

Among the numerous email clients in the history of internet, Gmail is for sure one of the easiest and simply meets up the expectations of users. Google created a product with features so user- friendly, that anyone can use Gmail effortlessly. To make using Gmail more convenient to use  we have put together some Gmail tips and tricks that you will surely find useful whenever you fire up your Inbox.

Useful Gmail Tips and Tricks

gmail tips and tricks

Archiving Old Mails

Sometimes, you have important mails that you do not want to delete but you don’t need too much either. Archiving them is the best solution as it keeps old emails in a folder so you can keep your inbox free from them.

You need to archive mails

· On the email, look for the Archive button, click on it, and voila! The mail will be sent to the archive folder which is labeled as “All Mail”

You forgot to sign out of Gmail on another computer

Out in a hurry, you sometimes tend to forget you are using someone else’s computer while checking your mails. If you are not totally sure whether you have signed out or not from the service, you can simply check and undo your mistake by doing the following trick:

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· Sign in to your Gmail account on your own PC.

· Look and click for the Details link at the bottom of the page.

· Upon licking on the Details tab, click on the “Sign out all other sessions” option and it will do just that.

You unintentionally sent a mail

Out of any reason, you mistakenly sent a mail that you do not wish to send. Thankfully, you can undo this by correcting your mistake with this helpful tip:

· See that wrench icon? Click on it and look for Settings then the Labs tab.

· Under Labs, look for the “Undo Send” and enable it.

· You can use this trick within 30 seconds after you sent the mail so you need to be quick when you want to activate it.

Sending Quick Notes

Who knew you can use Gmail to send short messages without having to use the whole emailing process? Not many, I guess. For a quick message, simply use the space on the subject field to type your note and add “EOM” (End Of Message) after that. Your note will then be sent quick.

Organizing Mails in Gmail

The simplest way to organize mails and de- clutter your inbox is by categorizing them in folders. Here’s how you can easily do it:

· Create a new label by looking for the “create new label” option on the left sidebar.

· Make a unique name for the label.

· Put mails on the label by clicking the label icon on your mail.

· Choose on the label list where you want that mail to be placed

Previewing Attachments

You can preview email attachments without opening the right away. To do this:

· Open the mail that contains the attachments.

· Look for the View Link tab so you can just look at the attachment without having to download it.

· You can use Google Docs viewer to open the attachments and browse through them first before downloading.

Selecting Multiple Messages Quickly

When you need to select multiple mails, do it quickly by:

· Select the first mail that you want to be included.

· Press and hold the shift key then select the last mail that you want. See how all the mails between the first and last mail are highlighted as well.

· Archiving, applying labels, deleting, and other actions can then be applied for this bunch of mails that you selected.

So that’s it, a set of Gmail tips and tricks that you can use to have a seamless email experience.

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