Why HTML5 Matters

HTML5 is a core technology of the Internet which was originally proposed by Opera Software. As the acronym suggests it is a markup language for presenting the content for the world wide web. As of October 2012 this 5th revision of HTML standard which was created in 1990 is still under development. The developers are making it with the aim of improving the language with support for the latest multimedia at the same time keeping it readable by humans and understood by computers.

This is not installable software but a new version of HTML language. The browser developers have to make the browsers compatible to support this new version so that users can access the services designed using HTML5.

Many new syntactic features such as, <video>, <audio>, and <canvas> elements, integration of scalable vector graphics content, MathML for mathematical formulas are added in HTML5. It deals with semantic markup, provides information about the content it describes and it does all this on desktop and mobile devices alike. The developers have claimed it as the next big thing. Web development in India which is providing quite appreciable web services have already undergone the transition and have started using HTML5 standard for new projects.

Reasons Why HTML5 Matters

why HTML5 matters

A New Standard

HTML5 is becoming a standard for developers designing new services. Developers want to use HTML5 which is making it all the more popular and so it suggests that it is here to stay. All the modern browsers which cover a large chunk of internet users all around the world support HTML5. This allows developers to use new and exciting features to be integrated with the web services for more dynamic end results. Whether it is a new plugin, a UI mobile framework or anything else the developers want it to be done in HTML5.

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Faster & Cheaper

With HTML5, developers make functionalities which work and look good while using the latest browsers. All the latest browsers support this new standard. Thus developers have to focus only on the new browsers and its’ functionalities while designing a new application without being held up by the old ones. This makes the development process much speedier. And as far as cost is concerned the upgrade HTML5 comes free of cost and the only cost involved in the process is about development.

Modern Functionalities

CSS3 which is the newest iteration of CSS is included in HTML5 standard. This inclusion allows achieving great visual effects like rounded corners, shadows, or animations to be integrated with the service using just a couple of lines of code, unlike the image slicing techniques. This improves the quality of the visual graphics used and it also reduces the time of development significantly. Apart from this the site is quite lightweight and this helps it in loading quickly.

Support for mobiles

With all the features mentioned till now that makes a website which is light-weight, user-friendly and with great graphics a great advantage comes up. It is the support for mobile devices that makes web services designed in HTML5 very important. With all the modern browsers supporting HTML5, the content was never closer to the end user. Whether one is using an HTML5 base service on desktop or mobile device it doesn’t matter. With new Smartphone devices and operating systems coming up daily HTML5 supports the whole spectrum of mobile vendors so that none of the users face difficulty in using the web services designed using HTML5.

With the growing demand in the web world for HTML5 based services it is quite clear that the major changes in this standard are accepted by developers and it is used for providing the best possible web services to the end-users.

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  • Updated December 27, 2015
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