Run Android Apps on your Windows 8 Device with WindowsAndroid

A start up Beijing based firm SocketeQ has created an extremely interesting and fun tool called WindowsAndroid. What’s so unique about this novel PC program is the ability to run Android apps on Windows 8, Windows 7 as well as Windows Vista. The creators of this invention who have been working on this ambitious project for years claim that they have an in depth knowledge as well as the experience in graphic technologies, virtualization and operating system. So every Android zealot can effortlessly run their preferred applications on their PC with this program.

Development of WindowsAndroid

Fundamentally with WindowsAndroid in addition to running Android applications on a Windows computer you can also make use of the browser alongside all the other components of the operating system. So to get geared with WindowsAndroid and snatch the heavy 64.8MB installer in your inbox, you will have to ensure that you fill out the download form after which you will receive the download link in your inbox. Downloading this program will typically take up 300MB.

WindowsAndroid Home Screen

Screenshot of Android Home Screen on Windows

The entire process from signing up for the program right up to downloading and installing takes about 17 minutes to be precise. You can use your mouse to navigate the interface if you don’t have a touch screen. Firing up the browser will show you a command prompt and upon clicking “enter”, all the images usually load and even if some don’t you still get an idea of how this program works.

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The current scenario from the program developers is that it will take a while for some key mechanisms to be completed, for it to be readily available to users. The final aim of this project that is in its final stage is to move Android entirely to Windows and the second goal is to achieve efficient performance with the operating systems of Windows and the other components of a PC that is inclusive of media codec and hardware acceleration.

Project WindowsAndroid which was conceptualized and started in 2010 on a rather casual note took a more serious turn when the developers decided to carry out diversified rewrites using the earlier porting codebase keeping in mind three primary objectives which were to make it as efficient as it could possibly get, simple to synchronize with the codebase of Google and a complete support to the earliest Android version.

WindowsAndroid creators claim that users will have the same experience that they did with the original Android2. It is integrated with most of the Windows apps like Media Player, Flash and so on and can support any UI resolution. It supports full screen mode, windowing mode or swap between the two and also supports Ethernet and other IO devices like remote control, keyboard and mouse.

This program that happens to be in its developmental phase promises to include more features like a media playback , full application running support and many more. This seems like a very ambitious yet promising project and would surely have all glued to learn the developments that take place with time!

You can give WindowsAndroid a try by downloading the file here.

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  • Updated December 26, 2015
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