Clash Royale Strategies and Tips for Beginners

Clash Royale is the hottest game of the year and for good reason. With elements of tower defense, real time strategy, deck building, and resource gathering, its an addictive and mentally challenging card game that drives you be the best or the most powerful clan in the Royale kingdom. But its not just you who is working on building the best deck, your opponent is working just as hard too!

Just as in real life, the road to success in Clash Royale doesn’t come easy. There are some shortcuts you can take, like spending a few quid here and some more there to purchase gems, gold and upgrades. But money can only do so much. Eventually you need powerful strategies to beat your opponents. Because trust me, there are dedicated CR fanatics out there who will unleash such diabolically clever troops upon you, you’ll never know what hit you. Then, your dreams will be plagued by those evil snickering enemy Kings who will make you feel like a wimp.

So after having gone through a few weeks of winning, losing, and spending money you wise up and realize, you need a good plan of action to be one step ahead of the opponent. I haven’t got all the answers but I hope the tips and strategies in this guide will help you improve and hopefully perfect your gameplay. Feel free to chip in with your own best moves and help out players who don’t have the cash to splash.

Clash Royale Strategies and Tips to Beat Your Opponents

Clash Royale Strategies and Tips for Beginners

1. Wait, Wait, Wait, Strike

I know you’re itching to get your troops into the battle arena the minute the Elixir Bar hits 4 but Wait. Wait… Wait. Get enough Elixir on your combo to support your combo troops and then make your move. You will definitely hit your rival Tower hard and when its sufficiently weakened you can ramp up your attack like crazy and try to grab the win as quick as possible. When the time whittles down to the dying seconds, your Elixir speed will double leaving you with enough energy to chuck in the troops and close out your enemy.

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Another strategy is that when your initial set of cards are weak with low hitpoint troops, hold back and wait for your opponent’s move. This way you can build up more elixir and also see which Tower is attacked so you can make the right defensive moves.

2. When to Use Fireballs and Arrows

Use Fireball or Arrow spells only when you want to finish off a weak tower in the dying minutes of the game. You may also use them when you face a rush of low hitpoint horde of troops but using them right at the start of the game is not recommended.

3. Mind Your Elixir

If your opponent starts the attack early, send in the smaller troops to distract and destroy the enemy troops. Don’t waste high hitpoint troops on smaller enemy troops. Keep an eye on your Elixir Bar while they are attacking your troops or towers. You can also let the Towers take care of lower hitpoint rival troops while your Elixir is filling up. When your Elixir Bar hits values 7 or higher, that’s when you unleash your high hitpoint troops and support troops.

One other strategy you can employ is to use low hitpoint troops with Elixir advantage to target high hitpoint troops. You can take on a 4 Elixir giant with a 4 Elixir Skeleton army or a 4 Elixir Arrow against a 4 Elixir Skeleton Army. Don’t overspend your Elixir in a hurry because you’ll be forced to helplessly watch the enemy troops saunter into your arena and swarm your towers while you bite your nails and wait for the Elixir to fill up. It will be too late.

4. Know Your Best Troops

Clash Royale Strategies and Tips for Beginners - Know Your Troops

Before you start your battles, get familiar with the troop cards in your arena. Understand their strengths and weaknesses to know which ones work well with each other. While each card has its own unique powers and are ideal for taking on specific enemy troops, some cards work well in any situation.

Goblins and Super Goblins are easy on the Elixir and are handy to have on the battlefield at any time. A skeleton army is great for defense and fending off high hitpoint troops. Barbarians can last a good while and tear up enemy troops quickly.

Golems are very strong and handy to have in the dying moments of the game. Hordes are great to distract high hitpoint targets so if you see one heading for your towers, throw in a bunch of them to distract and swamp them to oblivion. And a Giant Musketeer combo is a great team. Play different combos to beat different enemy cards and see which works work best for you.

5. Balance Your Deck

Avoid filling your deck with high Elixir targets (costing 4 or 5 Elixir) as it will take longer time for your troops to get deployed. Its best to keep your average deck cost at around 3.5 to 4.5 Elixir and include archers and goblins to balance your cards.

6. Time Chest Openings

Clash Royale Strategies and Tips for Beginners - Chest Open Times

Chests contain many essential cards needed to level up and build a stronger deck. However, not all of them can be opened the instant you earn them. Waiting times are often interminably painful and its easy to give in to unlocking them with gems.

That I’ve learned is a terrible move to make. Its best to save gems for buying gold, which is what you’ll need plenty of to empower your troops. Earning gold is again painfully slow as only chests contain them (or real world cash), so everything might seem like an endless loop you are stuck in.

Fret not. First, learn a little bit about what each type of chests offer you. You don’t have to worry about Free chests. the ones with real worth are Gold or Magical and they take 8-12 hours to open. Unlock them when you don’t plan to play for a long period of time or when you are heading off to bed. When you are actively playing the game during the day, unlock the silver chests.

You can drop in every 3-4 hours to collect the goodies, play a few games and unlock the next one. Crown Chests open every 24 hours and offer tons of great card so make sure you open them promptly. If you must spend gems, spend them on the chests lying in the slots and don’t buy them from the Store as they are more expensive.

7. Spill Some Poison

When you finally get hold of the Poison Spell card, make sure you use it when your towers are being pounded by a horde of enemy troops. The poison cloud nauseates troops, slows incoming ones and gives your troops the advantage of wiping out poisoned troops. with a cost of just 4 Elixir, the Poison spell card should be easy to drop in crunch time.

8. Work Those Buildings

Building cards that you must include in your deck are the Barbarian Hut, Tesla and Elixir Collector. The Barbarian Hut periodically sends more troops to the field, Tesla is a fantastic (and cheap) defender and the Elixir Collector (with Mirror combo) does an awesome job of pumping extra juice to speed your card spawns.

9. Lose to Win

Some cards are key to winning at higher levels. The Witch and Prince for example are cards that come in so very handy, but if you move up arenas quickly by winning continuously, you won’t have the opportunity to unlock all the chests in that arena and thereby lose those cards. So your best option, if you did miss out on those crucial cards is to lose a few games, go back to less than 400 points (trophies) to unlock all cards in the Training camp, then progress slowly upward and collect all the cards in Arena 2 and so on. Here are the number of cards you should have unlocked at each level.

Goblin Stadium: 0 Trophies, 6 Cards
Bone Pit: + 400 Trophies, 6 Cards
Barbarian Bowl: +800 Trophies, 6 Cards
PEKKA Playhouse: +1100 Trophies, 6 Cards
Spell Valley: +1400 Trophies, 5 Cards
Builder Workshop: +1700 Trophies, 3 Cards
Royal Arena: +2000 Trophies, 4 Cards
Legendary Arena: +3000 Trophies, No Cards

10. Invest Your Gold Wisely

Gold is another precious commodity in Clash Royale and you’ll understand its value once you’ve hit up those 150 upgrades – the next upgrade is a hefty 400 gold. So, resist the temptation early on to upgrade every card in the deck. Instead use it on cards you know you’re going to be using frequently.

11. Don’t Attack the King’s Tower Early On

The King’s Tower will not fire on you until one of your Arena Towers is knocked out or if the King’s Tower itself takes a hit. So don’t shoot the Arrows or Fireball Spell on the King’s Tower early on in the match or you will be in trouble. The King’s Tower is the most powerful tower and should not be hit until you are ready.

That’s it for now folks! If you know any cool moves to ace Clash Royale, we’d love to hear how you counter your opponents.

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