Deadroad Assault – Trucker Shooter Game to Fend off Zombies

I have never played a game like this before. Most shooter games set you up as a space commander in flight or a commander of troops on the ground, shooting at whatever the enemy may be. Deadroad Assault is like taking “The Walking Dead” and packaging it up into a shooter game like no other.

Deadroad Assault App Review

Deadroad assault for iOS and Android

The Plot: you are a trucker whose wheels have gone caput. Now you find yourself stuck on the road with nothing around you but woods and darkness. The only thing you’ve got to defend yourself is your gun, a rickety old fence, and your skills.

In the app the zombies come at you one, two, and three at a time. As you grow sharper with your shooting, the zombies start to come faster. Get overridden by enough zombies and you’ll have to start the level all over again.

There are tons of levels to work through and conquer, and as you move through them, you will find yourself facing more demonic and wiley zombies, even leaders, but you will also be armed to the hilt with weaponry built to take out these monsters.

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As you increase your skills and master each level, you will earn coins that allow you to buy goodies in the Shop. The Shop allows you to buy more powerful guns, stronger defenses, or powerups. They all help when the zombies influx starts to increase, and believe me, it will as you take them out faster and faster.

When zombie bosses start to show, then you know things are getting hot and heavy and you will have to pull out the big guns to blow away multiple zombies at once. If you don’t, you may not make it through the level. When you see three zombie bosses, it’s the equivalent of three strikes you’re out – that’s when the level stops and you get a FAILED.

Deadroad assault

It was at that point I decided to cash in my points and upgrade by gun.

The app allows you to share your scores and achievements thorough messaging and other outlets. If you have other friends playing, you can compare scores.

I liked playing Deadroad Assault because of the different scenarios. However, the speedy assault of the zombies started coming at me at a rapid pace made it impossible to take them all out before they stampeded me. Maybe I needed to select better reinforcements to ward them off.

Deadroad assault Weapons

In all, this game is interesting and fun to play. It just took playing repetitively to get the tapping motion down to a point where I had some breathing room to get to the next level.

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  • Updated January 27, 2017
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