Use Gorgias Mail Templates to Compose Email Like a Pro

If you spend a better part of your work day responding to email messages, you’d do well to use canned responses or quick text to speed up your email replies. If you use Gmail,, Yahoo mail, FastMail, Facebook, or LinkedIn for your work, there’s a free Chrome extension called Gorgias that can make your job a little more easy. This free extension offers a few basic templates for Gmail such as greetings, closing /signature with options to quickly add your own. With just a few email shortcuts, you should find yourself working those emails like a pro. Let’s take a look at the mail templates that you can create using Gorgias to simplify your work flow.

Gorgias Chrome Extension

When you download Gorgias from the Chrome Store it gets added to the right of your Chrome address bar. That’s the big G you see in the corner of your screen. The extension will give you a live demo of how everything works and you can see for yourself how easy it is to work with. You usually start off your email by saying Hello John/Mary.

With the extension installed all you need to do is type h and press Tab. This will automatically enter the text Hello John/Mary (recipient name). This is because the extension has an email template designed with the shortcut h + Tab to display the text Hello along with the first name of the email recipient.


Similarly, when you hit nic and press Tab, it will automatically display the text “It was nice talking to you." There’s also a shortcut for "kind regards" and "my email." You can also create your own mail templates to include canned text you often use in your email messages.

Creating Your Own Mail Templates

To create your own email, just hit the G icon and then New template. In the New template dialog box, type a name for the template, add a text shortcut, then your body text. You can also include tags if you like to make it easy to filter or search for templates later on.

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The Content section offers a few basic formatting options along with variables such as To: First name, To: Email, Subject and so on. Save the template and your work is done. The next time you compose an email in a web mail and want to type out that long piece of text, just use the shortcut you created and press Tab. You can run through the documentation for more example templates to replicate.


The Pro version of the extension is great for the workplace as you can share your templates with other members of your team. This way everyone gets the benefit of faster email and when any text in the template is altered, everyone in the team gets to use the updated one so there is no miscommunication.

Obviously if you have too many mail templates on your dashboard, you’ll never remember them all. In such instances, you can hit Ctrl+Space in the body of the email and select your text from the pop-up.

If you have Chrome installed on multiple devices, you can sync your templates between the devices. But first you’ll need to register an account at

If you are a power user who likes to get things done with mail templates and shortcuts, Gorgias Chrome extension might be just the thing for you. Hit the button below to download it.

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