Create a 3D Effect for a PowerPoint Table

If you have used tables in your PowerPoint presentation, and applied different table styles to it, you will know that there are no readily available options to apply a 3D effect to the table. While you cannot directly create a table and apply a 3D effect, you can create a rectangular shape and apply the effect. Here’s how to create a 3D effect for a PowerPoint table.


How to Create a 3D Effect for a PowerPoint Table

1. Create the table and enter the required data.

3D Effect for a PowerPoint Table

1. Select the Insert tab.

2. In the Illustrations group, click Shapes.

3. From the gallery, in the Rectangles section, select the first rectangular shape.3D table

3. On the slide, draw the rectangular shape over the table to cover the table.


4. Select the Drawing Tools Format contextual tab.

5. In the Shape Styles group, click Shape Effects and from the drop-down, hover the mouse pointer over 3D Rotation.

3D table-2

6. From the 3D options that are available, select an option.

3D table-3

7. In the Shape Styles group, click the dialog box launcher to display the Format Shape dialog box.

3D table-4

8. In the Format Shape dialog box, on the left, select 3-D Format.

3D table-5

9. Apply the table effects.

  • On the right, in the Depth section, set the desired depth and color.
  • In the Contour section, select a color option.
  • In the Surface section, select an option.
  • If necessary, set other options as you see fit.


10. On the Drawing Tools Format contextual tab, in the Arrange group, click Send Backward.

3D table-7

12. If necessary, click the Borders drop-down arrow and select No Border.

The 3D table is now ready to be used in your presentation.


You can now create and apply impressive 3D tables to your presentations.


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