Little Briar Rose is a Fairy Tale Remade Just For You

Point and click adventure games are, for the most part full of mystery and suspense. How about a fairy tale for a change? Little Briar Rose from Mangatar is a stunningly beautiful remake of Sleeping Beauty by the Bothers Grimm. What makes this title even more precious is the stained glass-art styled graphics that lend a magical touch to it.

Little Briar Rose Gameplay and Features

Little Briar Rose

Sleeping Beauty is a dreamy fairy tale with a happy ending and who doesn’t like that! There’s one little twist though that makes this game fun to play. The story goes that in an ancient castle surrounded by bushes and brambles lies a sleeping princess. Within this forest lives many magical critters and anyone who messes with them ends up with some unfortunate magical event.


There is only one fearless prince who can save this princess. And it is up to you to click, point, and solve puzzles along the way to get that prince to the castle. The twist here is that one wrong move could send your prince hurtling towards a magical disaster never to be seen again. A fresh new prince appears on the scene and you continue to help him try his luck at reaching the castle.

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And so it goes until the right prince saves the princess and the day!

Little Briar Rose Trailer

The game is packed with lots of puzzles, mini games and achievements. You also learn a little bit about various eastern and western traditions as you play along. The game also has plenty of references to classic Disney tales and such small details truly add to the player’s delight.

Exquisite hand drawn graphics, beautiful music and a magical Disney touch make this a delightful game to spend time with. Price: $2.99

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  • November 22, 2016
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