5 Great Walking Apps For The Health Conscious iOS User

Are you someone who believes in walking being the key to fitness and good health? For your daily dose of fitness do you prefer going for a long walk rather than hitting the gym or following a rigorous exercise pattern? If yes, technology has a lot to offer for walking enthusiasts. Following is a list of five great walking apps for the health-conscious iOS user.

Brilliant Walking Apps To Keep You Fit As a Fiddle!



One of the most advanced applications designed especially for walkers and hikers, Walkmeter is an ingenious app which instantly transforms your iPhone into a powerful fitness computer complete with graphs, maps, intervals, splits, announcements, laps, training plans, zones, and much more!

A perfect app to track your walking routes, Walkmeter is a robust application which records where you’ve been, the speed of your walk, and even lets you share your workout online with friends, family, or coaches.

You can even summarize your statistics according to day, week, month, year, and overall. Furthermore, you can even compete against your personal workouts along a route, or import and compete against the workouts of other Walkmeter users.

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Walk with Map My Walk – GPS Pedometer

Map My Walk

Map My Walk is a fitness tracking application that enables the GPS on your cellular device to track all your fitness activities. It is a brilliant free app that uses GPS technology to calculate your pace, calories burnt, elevation stats, distance, route navigation, GPS Route Mapping, and much more.

Interestingly, Map My Walk also includes a nutrition section which allows you to track your food and water intake, as well as your weight.

The app gives you a daily calorie budget and once you enter your food consumption, it shows you the balance and updates you on the number of calories you have remaining for the rest of the day. Moreover, you can even use the app to share your walking route and to find other routes nearby.

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Runkeeper is one of the most popular apps when it comes to tracking your walking regime. Besides walking, this fantastic app can also be used to track a score of other outdoor workouts such as running, cycling, hiking, skiing, and much more, using your iPhone’s GPS.

brilliant walking apps - runkeeper

Runkeeper is an app that is not only extremely simple to operate, but is fun too. It helps you track your fitness activities by giving you detailed stats around your pace, heart rate, distance covered, calories burnt, time taken, and so on.

Moreover, the app also assists you in keeping a tab on your performance and progress, by storing a history of your runs, pace, and your personal bests.

To motivate and encourage you all the more, the app even sends out a notification to you on achieving new goals and hitting new targets, on covering new milestones, and on the occasion of achieving a new personal best. If you want, you can even post or share your achievements, activities, and plans with friends and family on social networking portals.

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Walk Tracker Pro

If you’re hunting for the ideal walking companion in your app store, it has got to be Walk Tracker Pro. Whether you walk for the purpose of working out, or just for leisure, Walk Tracker is an advanced app that will help your track your route and will ensure that you meet all your walking goals.

Walk Tracker Pro

Making it easy for you to keep a track on your performance over a period of time, the Walk Tracker has a fully customizable activity planner which includes calorie graphs, training history, audio feedbacks, as well as in depth workout plans with targets.

As you carry on with your workout, the app even lets you see your time, speed, pace, calories burnt, training intervals, and splits. You can even use the app to view maps in real time, capture images, listen to music, and receive audio feedback on your performance and progress. You can also share activities and route maps on social networking sites with friends.

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walking apps - itreadmill

iTreadmill is yet another noteworthy treadmill walking app that every walking enthusiast should definitely consider downloading. Especially if you’re someone who uses the treadmill indoors rather than outdoor walking, this is the perfect app for you.

The app is extremely easy to use – just start the app and shove your phone into your pocket and it will give you accurate details regarding your step count, distance covered, time taken, pace, and so on.

You can even use the app while you’re walking outdoors, running in the neighborhood, or even while you’re counting your steps at work! An accurate app that is easy to operate, iTreadmill will surely get a thumbs up by walking enthusiasts.

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Author: Daniel Blank is an employee at Walk ‘N Comfort, a foot clinic in Toronto. Since he believes in fresh organic food, he grows his own vegetables in his small garden patch. He also meditates regularly and writes about health and fitness in his articles.

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  • Updated January 5, 2016
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