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Fun Hidden Object Games for Windows 10

Hidden object games are a whole world of fun. If you’ve had your share of fast paced action games and want a change of pace, hidden object games are the perfect choice. These games offer great value in gameplay. But they also test your skills of concentration and observation, enabling you to see things in a way you never thought possible. We previously covered hidden object games for Android, so here are some fun hidden object games for Windows 10.

Hero Legends – Enter a Fantasy RPG World To Restore Peace or Create Chaos

Who doesn’t love a neat little role play game? RPG games give players a chance to enter fantasy worlds where they can mimic the role of a superhero and fight the most dangerous enemies. Hero legends is one such game where the player along with other heroes in their army fight others for victory and glory.

The fascinating part is that the battle in this game is between “Order” and “Chaos” which means the result of the battle would either lead to “peace and order” or “mess and chaos” in the world.

Hot Android and iOS Games of the Week – Week 1 Feb 2017

Want to catch up on all the best games that landed on the App Store and Google Play this week? Check out Hot This Week our weekly roundup of the hot Android and iOS games of the week to play on your smartphone. We’ve got an RPG, a couple of platformers, a roguelike dungeon crawler and a beautiful point and click adventure game for you in this episode. You can catch the video on our YouTube channel or read the transcript below.

Gladiator Bastards is an Arcade Game That Will Keep You Occupied for Hours

If you are a lover of arcade games where you like showing off your skills to your opponent or raving about your skills and achievement to your friends on social media, whatever your intention maybe, Gladiator Bastards is one such gaming app that will keep you occupied for hours focused on winning the opponents and accomplishing the achievements waiting in store to become the Emperor.

Doodle Mafia is the Latest Doodle Game You can Play on Windows

Looking for a fun casual game to play on your Windows 10 PC and mobile this weekend? Check out Doodle Mafia, the latest puzzle game from JoyBits Ltd. makers of the Doodle series of games including Doodle God, Doodle Devil and Doodle Kingdom. Doodle Mafia is a cops and gangsters game that comes with IAPs as well as a price tag of $2.99. Here are more details on the game.

Survival Adventure Game Don’t Starve Shipwrecked is Out on iOS

We are already into Day 3 of the New Year and if you expected a flurry of games to hit the App Store already, you’re sure to be disappointed. While there isn’t much to talk about yet, here’s a game worth checking out. Its called Don’t Starve Shipwrecked and its an expansion pack of the original game that was launched way back in Dec 2015. That said, you can still play this game as a stand alone title and its just as enjoyable and frustratingly challenging as before, in brand new environments. Here are some more details. Don’t Starve Shipwrecked Don’t Starve Shipwrecked is a rougelike adventure title where you play Wilson, a handsome fellow stranded in a beautiful tropical archipelago. However, behind the tranquil island settings, lie deep dark dangers. It is up to you to help Wilson survive the dangers in the shipwrecked islands. You navigate an open…