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How to Calculate the Age of a Person in Excel


If you’re working with a lot of employee data and need to create an maintain a database with the employee’s ages, automatically updated every year, you can make use the the functions in Excel to do it. For this purpose all you need is the year of their birth or their date of birth. In […]

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  • Updated October 17, 2016
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How to Delete Blank Rows in Excel 2016


Sometimes, when you copy and paste a ton of content onto your Excel worksheet, you end up with a lot of blank rows or columns. You can delete them by right-clicking the rows or columns and choosing the Delete option but that can become very trying if you have too many rows. Plus, there’s always […]

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New Productivity Features in Dropbox Version 18.2


The Dropbox app for iOS devices has been updated with a slew of handy new productivity features that you definitely must know about if you are using the app. Here are the new productivity features in Dropbox version 18.2. New Productivity Features in Dropbox Version 18.2 iMessage App for iOS 10 The biggest and most […]

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How to Show App Badges in Windows 10 or Hide Them


This quick Windows 10 tutorial shows you how to show app badges in Windows 10 so that you can see any new activity that’s happened on the app or how to hide them should you decide you no longer find them useful. The Taskbar icons in Windows 10 can now do more than just look […]

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How to Delete Handwritten Messages in iOS 10


In a previous iOS tutorial I showed you how to send handwritten messages from the Messages app. Over time, all your handwritten messages get added to the Recent list of messages making it easier for you to send the same message again, should you need to use it. However, there may be some terms that […]

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How to Mark a Direct Message on Twitter as Spam


If you have a Twitter account chances are you’re going to start receiving direct messages from followers on a regular basis. And there’s a pretty good chance that many of those messages turn out to be spam. If you’re sick and tired of Twitter spam, here’s how to mark a direct message on Twitter as […]

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  • Updated October 4, 2016
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