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FileCalendar is a File Manager and Calendar for Event Creation

There’s nothing worse than trying to find the invite that goes with the party you’ve got on your calendar Saturday night, or losing the agenda to a meeting you are calling in to while working from home. Information that goes with events sometimes can’t fit into the actual event record, and ends up stuck in email or some file repository.

And who has time to go fishing for them when you’ve got some place to be? Now, with FileCalendar, you don’t have to go into search mode to find what you need. You can easily attach information to each event you create so there is instant access, and no mystery.

TooFar Media Offers a Story Experience Like No Other [App Review]

Reading a book is an experience that has evolved with the changing world of technology and graphics. What was once an interlude between the eyes, paper and one’s imagination has now transcended paper pages. Rich Shapero’s TooFar Media Immersive Story Experiences is one such example of how technology has expanded on storytelling. TooFar Media delivers this in a way that captures the imagination through experiential immersion. Here’s a little more about the app.

TSC Music – Protect Ears While Producing Quality Sounds

So many of us use earplugs to shut out external disturbances and focus on tasks at hand. Even if we don’t have something urgent to get done, earplugs or noise-canceling headphones help us enjoy what we are listening to.

The downside to listening using these implements is possible damage to our ears. Even if you keep the volume low, the proximity with which the sound producing device emits the sound is close enough to do some damage. Pair that with the notion that once we immerse ourselves in our listening experience, we tend to forget the outside world and in turn forget to give our ears a break.

Don’t Leave It! App Helps You Remember to Take Your Stuff

We’ve all become such busy bodies today that we often forget the simplest of things. That’s why we have our handy smartphones to give us a nudge when we’ve forgotten to do something. Dont Leave it is one such app that helps you to remember to take your stuff with you before you leave. Even something as simple as your keys, your ID card, or your purse. Let’s check out what the app does.

Exif Viewer – Photo Viewer That Makes Memory Management Easy

It’s so easy to take pictures and forget about them later on. But, what do you do with all of those photos that are meaningful to you? It may be a family photo you took while on vacation or at a sweet spot. It could be a picture of your daughter on grad night. For all professional photographers and those who are on their way to becoming one, Exif Viewer is the app you’ve been waiting for. Exif Viewer App Review Exif Viewer is a onetime purchase; buy it once and use it on all of your iOS devices. This is a big plus because I usually take photos on smaller devices or on my DSL, and then I like to do the editing work on either my Mac or iPad. Bottom line, it’s a flexible app, so you have access to it at all times. So, what does Exif…

Toolbox for Keynote Mac App Leverages the Power of Keynote

DownGetting your point across takes a killer presentation paired with some wit and a winning attitude. With the multitude of technologies available to put together your presentation, the task can get daunting. It’s already difficult enough as it is, but without mastery of tools, you can be left wondering where to start. Toolbox for Keynote App Review Keynote is an app available on the Mac that makes it monumentally easier to create powerful presentations with all the bells and whistles. Now, it’s even easier to use with the recent enhancements to the Toolbox. New Enhancements to Toolbox for Keynote Five new Keynote themes – so you can choose from even more backdrops to you presentation and have more choices. I thought this was a huge improvement, because different presentation topics are conveyed in various ways. The right theme can make your presentation capture your audience’s attention and sells your…

How to Add Notes to the Lock Screen on your iPhone

The iPhone Lock screen prevents you from accessing all your app data but there are still some thing you can do with it. Like viewing notifications and accessing the camera if you want to take a quick photo. iOS 10 promises to bring more feature enhancements to the Lock screen but until then, you can add one feature to this list – notes. Let’s take a look. You can add notes to the lock screen on your iPhone using the extensions feature with a widget called Today Snippet. This free app works alongside the default iOS Notes app and lets you add notes to the lock screen. Here’s the step-by-step guide to setting it up: How to Add Notes to the Lock Screen on your iPhone 1. Download the Today Snippet app from the App Store. 2. Open the Notes app and type out a note you want to place…

Never Memorize a Formula with 6284 Calc App for iOS

Math is never an easy subject to get through in school, but math apps are making it more and more fun to study the subject. 16 year old high school student Amit had enough of struggles with his math homework that he decided to make an app. One that would mean you never ever had to memorize a math formula again. Like the sound of that? The app is called 6284 Calc and its available on the App Store for free. 6284 Calc App Features 6284 Calc isn’t just for student struggling with math formulas. It provides formula calculations for algebra, algebra 2, calculus, geometry, and even chemistry. Each subject area contains various formula calculations such as linear equations, Pythagorean theorems and Quadratics for Algebra, and density, exponents, and molarity for Chemistry. If you’re not a student, the app still offers solutions to daily life problems, such as calculating percentages,…

Scroll Web Pages Hands Free with Face Browse App for iOS

Want to scroll a web page on your iPhone but can’t do so because your hands are all tied up? That’s a common problem for anyone who is looking up recipes on the mobile device while cooking or working out the solution for a problem that requires the use of both hands. You no longer have to constantly reach out and flick your mobile screen anymore, thanks to the genius app Face Browse. Price: $1.99 Face Browse App for iOS Face Browse is a no touch web navigation app that lets you browse the web by moving your head. It tracks the facial movements behind the screen and lets you scroll up or down by turning your head right or left. The app won’t just be handy in the kitchen, it can also be used by people who are differently-abled. The app itself acts like a browser, with an address…

Microsoft Pix Review–Takes The Stress Out of Capturing a Perfectly Good Shot

You can give the coolest, most sophisticated camera to an amateur and he still wouldn’t be able to capture the perfect shot. But with technology, there is always hope! At least, that’s what the guys in Microsoft like to believe as their latest camera app Microsoft Pix makes its way into the hands of iPhone users. Here are all the details. Microsoft Pix Review When you capture an image on your iPhone using Microsoft Pix, it captures a burst of frames, 10 in all, including shots before and after you actually clicked the photo. Before taking the shot, it analyzes the scene and automatically adjusts the settings between each shot to prioritize what needs to be captured. Once the capture button is clicked, it lets its AI do all the work of selecting the best shot, removing noise, enhancing any elements it can, and then saving the best images. The…