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A collection of articles on all the latest games for Android, iOS and Windows platform.

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney Out Now on iOS


Have you always dreamed about being a great attorney one day and winning the toughest cases for your clients? You can get a glimpse of what that life would be like by playing the episodic novel adventure game Apollo Justice Ace Attorney that has launched on iOS. Here are all the game details. Apollo Justice […]

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Little Briar Rose is a Fairy Tale Remade Just For You


Point and click adventure games are, for the most part full of mystery and suspense. How about a fairy tale for a change? Little Briar Rose from Mangatar is a stunningly beautiful remake of Sleeping Beauty by the Bothers Grimm. What makes this title even more precious is the stained glass-art styled graphics that lend […]

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Eisenhorn Xenos is Now Available on Android


Dan Abnett’s award winning Eisenhorn’ trilogy comes to life on Android in Pixel Hero Game’s stunning third person adventure game Eisenhorn Xenos. The game received rave reviews when it launched on the App Store and now Android gamers can enjoy unraveling the mystery for $5.99. (Discounted for a short time for $4). Eisenhorn Xenos Features […]

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Batman The TellTale Series Episode 3 Out Now on iOS


From the award winning makers of The Walking Dead comes Batman The TellTale Series. This is a game so violent and troubling, you’ll find it hard to put down your iOS device. Its a point and click adventure game revolving around the troubled hero Bruce Wayne, whose life is affected in unimaginable ways as he […]

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