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Taco Turns New Tab Page in Chrome to Task List Manager

When it comes to managing your daily activities, you just can’t seem to find the right balance. That’s why you find yourself trying out various apps and services that you hope will one day let you accomplish your daily tasks punctually, giving you some extra time to spend on yourself. Taco is a smart productivity service that is also available as a Chrome extension that just might make your hectic life a tad easy. This

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Free Invoice Generator Invoice to Me Lets You Create Invoices Online Instantly

If you are a blogger or a small business owner, chances are, you may not want to invest too much in an invoicing app. If you are one such individual, you’ll be happy to know that there are some simple tools out there that can be used for free. The Microsoft Office Store has a decent collection of invoice templates that can be customized to your needs. However, Office templates work best on Office products

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Connect PC to iOS Remotely via Chrome Remote Desktop

Android users have been using the Chrome Remote Desktop extension for quite a long time to remotely access a PC from an Android smartphone or tablet. However, iPhone and iPad users have been left out in the cold as far as this remote connectivity option was concerned. Thankfully, Google has opened the doors for iOS devices to now connect to PCs and Macs with their latest iOS app launch called iOS Chrome Remote Desktop. In

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How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone, Android and Windows

Recording phone calls on your smartphone or computer isn’t a complex or expensive job. However, it is illegal in many countries to record phone calls without the knowledge of the other speaker. (If you live in the U.S, you may want to read this before you get started.) Therefore, if you are planning to record phone calls be sure to keep the other party aware that the conversations are being recorded. Now lets take a

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How to Calculate Days Between Two Dates

There may be times when you need to do some quick calculations with dates such as how many days old you are at the moment, or how many days until Christmas, or what day falls 100 days from today. Whatever be your need, you can make use of the everyday tools to find the answers you need. If you are using Microsoft Excel, that should suffice, or you could use the default calculator that comes

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