How to Setup FTP Server Using FileZilla on Windows 8

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a network protocol that is used to transfer computer files from one host to another through the Internet or a TCP based network. FTP clients are used to manipulate files on an FTP server and they function independent of the operating systems involved. There are many popular FTP programs available for different types … [Read more...]

Fixes for Resolving Host Issue in Google Chrome

If you’ve encountered a problem while browsing certain websites where the sites don’t load up properly on your Chrome web browser, while at the same time you notice a “Resolving Host” message on the Status bar of your browser, it is the most likely cause for the loading problems you are facing. The Resolving Host issue arises when the DNS servers … [Read more...]

Dynamic IP vs Static IP : Understanding the Terms

If you are starting your first website, or wish to use VoIP or VPN services regularly you should get acquainted with terms like Dynamic IP and Static IP. In this post, we take a look at what an IP address (IP) is and take a comparative look at Dynamic IP vs Static IP to help identify which works better for you. IP Address An Internet Protocol … [Read more...]

Ninflated – New Take on Ninja Training Mastery

Games that change as you do are the best. It’s not often that you find one that is simple and still manages to keep you on your toes, but the folks at App Street Games have done just that. They have launched an interesting and fun game called Ninflated. Like nothing you have ever heard before, Ninflated is a Ninja game that couldn’t be farther from … [Read more...]

How Windows 8 Remote Assistance Easy Connect Works

Windows 8 Remote Assistance is a handy feature that lets you connect two computers remotely so that should any PC have a problem, it can be accessed by the trouble shooter or a technician from a remote location. With remote assistance, the technician can take control of your PC, use your mouse and keyboard and work his way out of the problem, while … [Read more...]

Secure Email Software to Send Encrypted Email

It is an established fact that there are several vested interests today who are snooping in on our web activities. Just like how you can protect your cloud data by signing up for encrypted storage solutions, you can also protect your email correspondence using secure email software. When you encrypt email, the contents of the email are converted … [Read more...]

The Incredible Tiles 2048 – New Take on Tile Sliding Game

If you like a good challenge that involves strategy paired with mathematical foresight, then look no further than The Incredible Tiles 2048. First thought you may be having is, “How can that be fun and challenging? I’ve been there, done that!” Well, look again. The game gurus at Go Games have taken their creation and upscaled it to make it a bit … [Read more...]

Popular Encrypted Cloud Storage Providers For Personal Use

Cloud services are popular tools of online data storage and are available in plenty for little or nothing. However they also pose a serious worry. How secure are they and how many of them are snooping on your data? Privacy in the online world is a tough one to come by, with most social accounts banding out their users personal data to all and … [Read more...]