Buy an LG G3 Phone at AT&T and Get an LG G Watch at Half Price

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If you’ve been contemplating buying an LG G3 smartphone, here’s an offer that can sweeten the deal for you. If you pre-order the smartphone from AT&T, you’ll be getting 50% off on any accessories that you purchase along with it. That means the offer stands for LG Quick Circle Folio case, the … [Read more...]

Enhance the Android User Interface with Solo Launcher

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Anybody with an Android phone will agree with me that launchers go a long way in enhancing the user interface. Anybody with an Android phone who has used a number of launchers will also agree with me that there are launchers which are too complex to the extent of only adding problems to the phone … [Read more...]

How to Access Google Maps Offline on Android and iOS

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Google Maps is a very handy application to have on your Android or iOS device, especially when you’re travelling to an unfamiliar location. However, there may be instances when you find that you have no signal in certain areas consequently cutting off your access to Google Maps as well. Luckily, you … [Read more...]

Animal: Educational Kids Game Brings the Zoo to Your Android

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Animal: Educational Kids Game has been made to achieve one purpose: to add fun in the process of learning for kids. This way, it will be easier for the kids to choose to do something constructive. This game brings the zoo to your phone and gives the kids and opportunity to see animals in their … [Read more...]

Handy Android Travel Apps You Need to Organize Your Holidays

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Whether you’re a regular traveler or just someone who takes an occasional travel break from your daily routine, having an Android smartphone in your pocket during your travels comes in handy. The Google Play Store has a good collection of apps in this regard and we have chosen what we believe are … [Read more...]

Save Instagram Photos and Videos to Your PC with Instaport

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Anyone who has used Instagram knows that it offers unparalleled benefits when it comes to transforming your pictures and videos into something remarkable that can be admired by the world. If you’ve been uploading all your fantastic captures on Instagram and realize that you’d like to have a copy of … [Read more...]