How to Stop Videos from Auto Playing in Your Browser

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Recently I've been noticing many popular websites running auto play content when I open them up. This is especially annoying when I open up several tabs simultaneously, because I have to run through each window to identify the culprit and stop it from auto playing. Despite the fact that Chrome’s … [Read more...]

Comparing the Fitbit Flex and Fitbit One Activity Trackers

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Thanks to modern technology, setting up goals to track and monitor your fitness is becoming easier. Fitbit is a personal activity tracker that motivates you to stay active by updating you on a daily or weekly basis on how much of energy you are expending. These activity trackers can also be combined … [Read more...]

SpyWarn is an Anti-Spyware App for Android

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With modern advances in communication technology, more and more people are discovering newer, faster and better methods of doing almost everything. Thieves, spies and spammers are no exemption. Modern technology has given them an avenue to get more information about potential targets. This is what … [Read more...]

Still Looking for a Home for your RSS Feeds? Try Inoreader


When Google Reader was retired last year, there was a mad frenzy to move all RSS feeds to a suitable alternative. Feedly was the most popular choice for many, but if you like me, just found something lacking with your current RSS Reader, here’s your chance to try another viable alternative. The app … [Read more...]